Monday, March 26, 2007


I have been asked many times by those people closest to me why I often use the title "Inotauthor" with relation to name and my stories. Well, for those of you who often pose this question just to realize that I am a master at ignoring those inquiries that I would rather keep private and more to myself, this blog’s for you!

With the release of my first novel, "Proud Souls" this July (2007) and the upcoming debut of my first published short-story—“Corrido”—I have begun working to extend my network of friends and associates outside my routine and customary means, and in doing so, I have decided to try various methods for including others as part of my creative process. And in venturing out I have (already) met some extraordinary people, one of which is my new acquaintance and friend, Maria Sanchez. Maria as the world will see is the artist behind the painting on the cover to my novel, “Proud Souls.” Maria told me I should consider “blogging” as a means to “get my name out there.” She then gave me some pretty significant advice. Maria said if I shared my work openly, the world might (possibly) fall in love with my writing…but if I shared my thoughts behind my writing, the world might (possibly) fall in love with me.

I thought the advice was pretty sound and with the upcoming release of my new website, I thought it was time to break a few of my own privacy rules and let the world in on some secrets behind this writer's methodical process for creating and drawing my stories with words as I like to say. I suppose there is no better introductory story to tell—or remaining excuses avoiding the question—than to share the substance behind the “Inotauthor” handle I have so often used over the years. The immediate and honest answer is, I don't have the faintest idea why I selected that name, but I can tell you—like all things associated to Bobby Ozuna—there is a pretty good story behind it (I suppose that's why I'm a writer.)

Years ago I kept my writing private. I did this for various reasons, but primarily I did it because as a “man” it felt awkward to be in such balance with my more creative and passionate side. Now, history has showed us that for as many women who utilize their creative sense, there are just as many men—painters, sculptors, and writers. I did rationalize this point but still, somehow, I talked myself out of sharing this inner desire to write. It wasn’t until the latter part of 2000 that I shared my first writings with a gentleman named Ladd Holder. Ladd and I became immediate friends and we shared the same interests, tastes and ideals behind some of what I would call better writers of my lifetime. In speaking with Ladd and sharing some of my early works, he was quick to say, with all due honesty that my writing was horrible. But like a true friend he then went on to say that despite my raw edgy approach to writing stories, he did sense a real talent for creativity. He explained something very important to me—a topic I sincerely consider discussing once my website is released—and that was the art of practicing your craft. Ladd told me that he believed that my destiny was to become a writer. He then went on to suggest I begin studying the craft, author styles and story structures, something quite honestly, I didn’t want to do. I was like most when I say, I wanted to sit down, draft a story, type it up and call it done! A masterpiece! Well, that isn’t true….at least not for me.

I did however take Ladd’s advice and I began reading more quality work, paying special attention to character development, scenes, and story “flow” as some may call it. Being our taste in comedy is the same, Ladd had the habit of asking me if I “got my flow on.” (You have to know Ladd Holder to appreciate the comedy behind that statement). Regardless, over many conversations and Southern Pecan Pies, I began to understand the complexity that came with being a writer. When it became tough, I would tell my friend that I was not an author, or in being silly, I would say, “I not author…”

So now I say to each of you who have sincere aspirations to write, like me, you must first come to terms with who you are (and what you are not) and make the choice to listen to the voice inside your soul, the silent cry pleading desperately to be heard. It's that beating, living presence within your heart that occupies your every thought until you become so uncomfortable that you have no choice but to remain still and listen. I believe if you do this, if you choose to listen to the voice of your own soul, you will then learn to find relative peace in an unmerciful world. I had to spend ample amounts of time alone, listening to the same sounds of my own soul before ultimately appreciating who I am as an individual.

My name is Bobby Ozuna and I am an author...a writer…a storyteller…a creative work of art all on my own. And in keeping with my traditions, I opted and adopted the handle, “Inotauthor” as my tribute and my reminder of where I began many years ago when I found the courage to face my destiny.


TexasMidkiff said...

WOW! I never knew what a talented author you are. You really revealed your craft! Ladd Holder was right.. being a writer is your destiny!
-Stephanie (Franco) Midkiff

Toni Portillo said...

You always seem to amaze me and I am not surprised. I always know that you had somthing unique.

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