Thursday, August 23, 2007

"The Other Side of Glory"

Dear friends, family & fans:
After careful consideration and many restless nights, I have selected the story which will become the follow-up novel to "
Proud Souls." It is a story I have attempted to write on several occasions in the past; it is a story that comes with great pains as the depths of each character weigh heavily on me and as I have experienced each of the four times previously, oftentimes too much to continue and complete.

"The Other Side of Glory" is my tribute to the men I served with during my time in the Marine Corps. It's an honorary (and fictitious) salute to those who have lost a part of themselves in the foul stench of reality known as military politics. It will be a written memorial for those hard-chargin' tried and true Marines who know what it means to "eat crow", those who suffered the fate of a lifelong dream to become a "lifer" and saw it pass before them with the drying of the ink on their first "Page 11." It will not be a story for the faint of heart. It will be controversial. It will be sad. It will be trying and heavy on the soul at times and during other moments, uplifting and high-spirited. It will incorporate several facets that comprise the emotions and reality of being away from home, serving your country in a peace-time environment. This will be no war-time story. There will be no chapters of bravery where men charge a hill to advance a forward area. It will constitute the basic human condition as relayed by the souls of those men (and their women) who have pleaded with me for many years, in expectance of seeing this story brought to life. You will find will find hate. You will witness will witness love. You will remember what it means to support a friend....and you will despise the moments you have turned away from those you proclaimed to have loved. "The Other Side of Glory" is fiction and as I have mentioned before, this will be my fifth attempt in nearly a decade at creating this story.
I do hope you enjoy it....and I look forward to introducing you to the souls of my past. Stay tuned to read about the developments of the characters, the plot and emotion which will become, “The Other Side of Glory.”

The Call:
I am calling all artists! Ozuna Publications will host a contest for the best cover-concept design for this next novel. So, if you know someone who (preferably) paints, send them my way. Below I have summarized a sense of emotion I am hoping to capture within the cover to this next book. Think about it...become it...sleep on it (if you can) and draw my picture. I will host and post this contest any and everwhere I can on the Internet. I will hold no prejudice...I don't care if you are the next DaVinci or the kid in the corner everyone doubts, I want your art. The winner receive a complimentary copy of the finished novel, a t-shirt depicting their artwork and a small monetary prize.

If you're looking for that break, a place to showcase your work...this may be the contest for you!!!

Stay Tuned For Further Details!

The Vision for the Cover:
I am looking for a cover that portrays the duality of the human condition and understanding that each facet of our world has a complete opposite. We have light; therefore, there is the darkness. When there is death, we also witness a birth and newness of life. This story will take place in a military setting, during peace-time. The five major themes to this story will be an introductory section which introduces the reader to the characters and who they are. A second section of the book will establish their daily routine and lives within a Marine Corps setting. The third will cover one of the most controversial and powerful aspects of military life—women. The fourth section of the book will cover concepts of loss and hatred when battled against the willingness to do what is right, in a world where kindness is trampled by the wiling to dominate. The last and most significant section of this book will bring the story to a close and somewhere, hopefully, a peace to the hearts and restlessness which stirs the lion every Marine must battle within his/her mind at night, when the entire world is asleep and hopeful to the concept of peace.


Bobby Ozuna
Texas Writer/Author
“Drawing Stories…With Words”

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