Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Changing the way in which I Blog

In working to promote myself as a self-released and self-published author I have become something of an expert in many venues related to independently publishing my novel Proud Souls. And being that I enjoy helping so many people succeed and also believing that once you have obtained a certain bulk of information related to a particular skill or task it is imperative that you share that with others who are trying to obtain common goals and who share common interests, I have opted to partake on a new challenge within the literary world: writing a column for Daniel Dessinger via CultureFeast.com.
I was approached by Daniel in a random search of potential columnist earlier this week and after speaking to Daniel and coming-to-terms with regards to how he wishes to operate the pre-existing site with the addition of new categories, I have accepted the invitation and submitted my first blog this evening. It will take approximately one week before this blog is posted under the new Self-Published or Independent Publisher category. And since many of my blogs are long-winded to begin with, I thought this would be an excellent time to alter the manner in which I blog--both here and via Blogger--to start sharing the "things" that are actually happening with regards to promoting Proud Souls and save the long-winded stuff for the CultureFeast.com website.

So, for those self-published novelist or even the traditionally published author looking for better means to promote and publicize your week...stay tuned for the weekly blogs I will be posting via CultureFeast.com.

Bobby Ozuna, author of Proud Souls

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