Friday, February 22, 2008

A week of Up's...and [a] Down

This has been an interesting week, with good and bad news. On a positive note, I received a new review from the organization: Authors on the Rise. They posted their review just this morning! In an email to me their representative said: "Congratulations--normally for your genre [fiction] it takes a lot to impress Michael [Timlin] this much."

With this latest review, Proud Souls is now posting 16 reviews on the storefront with an overall rating of 5 Stars!!! Click here to read the "Authors on the Rise" book review.
I received a follow-up letter from a new friend in San Antonio telling me she finished the book and also asking that I contact the moderator for the Society of Latino and Hispanic Writers for a potential guest speaker invitation. That group meets on the first Monday night of each month. I am hoping we can set an appointment as I am always interested in meeting aspiring writers and of course, readers!!! Thanks L.E.!!!

I met a new friend and fan from Haltom City, Texas a couple of weeks ago and word on the street is she has become something of an advocate for my novel. I hear she has donated a copy to the Haltom City Public Library and they are interested in booking me for a potential event this Fall. I hope this works out because I love more than anything--talking to and meeting new people to discuss not only my novel, but the process for how I created this story.

My Down for this week has been troubling for me to deal with, not so much because I expect others to like or say nice things about my writing, but more so because for as much as I try to maintain a professional attitude in my approach to meeting people, networking and collaborating with others to help advance our writing careers--I at [the very least] try to remain utterly professional in all I do. As many of you know I have been anxiously waiting on a review from a gentleman in England. This was a completely unsolicited request on my part to have my book reviewed. I received the request for review, packaged the book, topped it with a thank-you letter and then replied to his requests to locate the book as he seemed anxious to read it. In the end however, I received a letter stating he was having a difficult time coming to the determination that he would not review the book. That was the extent of my explanation, not that he owed me anything more than that, but in the end I felt as though I was cheated. I didn't lose anything more than the cost of one book and postage overseas and a few sleepless nights anticipating his response. I told myself not to be bitter as this is the nature of the literary beast...sometimes things work in your favor and others, you simply get a door shut in your face. But I felt (after having reviewed items myself) I was due more than a "not going to do it" response. In my opinion, if you stamp the word "reviewer" next to your name, then you do just that--review books leaving your own personal bias out of the review. If you choose to simply review those things you like and you enjoy, then you aren't a true reviewer but instead an advocate for what you like. I had to get it off my chest because like I said, I felt as though I was owed something more--I could be wrong--but in the end I don't care; that's the way it goes. Sorry it didn't work out Mr. French. Thanks anyways...

PS: We Wanna Know:
In this week's audio segment of "PS: We Wanna Know" I answer Cathy's questions; she had two questions for me this week. In summary, she wanted to know what authors have inspired my writing and what individuals have influenced my choice to write. Click the link below to listen to this week's audio segment where I answer Cathy Kimberly's questions in an unscripted format.

Bobby on CultureFeast: "The 8-Step Pre-Publication Plan for Self-Published Authors"
For all you self-published authors out there, don't forget to catch my latest article (Pre-Publication Plan) on Click here to read the article. Don't forget to leave a comment!!!

Bobby's Useless Information: Mistletoe
And to close out this week's blog, I am leaving you with some useless information; maybe you can plug it into your own story somewhere. I learned that if you add useless info to your writing it helps keeps the audiences attention. Maybe a particular character throws out the stuff from time to time to help break up the tension in a story. Or...maybe not.

Mistletoe: The practice of kissing beneath the mistletoe goes back to a Norse myth in which Balder, god of the summer son, was killed by Loki, god of evil, and restored to life by his mother Frigga, goddess of love. Her tears became the white berries on mistletoe and in her joy she kissed all who passed beneath. Traditionally, a berry should be plucked for each kiss beneath the mistletoe; when the berries run out, no more kisses may be claimed.
*From The Encyclopedia of Useless Information, by William Hartston: ISBN: 978-1-4022-0828-7*

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Mike French said...

Sorry you feel that way.

I looked at your profile and book after you asked me for a friend request on facebook and the book looked perfect for my blog and I was interested in looking over a self published book.

Hence I asked if you were interested in me doing a review, but made it clear that I would review it only if I liked it.

Reason: I have not set myself up as a book reviewer in general, if you look at my blog I do a Mike Recommends slot on books.

After reading your book I just felt I couldn't in all honesty recommend the book to the readers I knew I had. Believe me I hated being in the position I had got myself into.

If you want to have a private discussion about your book, then I am more than happy to do so, but felt that to do so publically would be professional.

I really do wish you good luck with the book, I know how hard it is and what a labour of love creating a novel is.

Do get in touch if you want to talk.


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