Monday, March 3, 2008

PS: We Wanna Know, Pt. 3

In this segment of my audio blog, I answer a question of my new friend, Tommy who is the moderator for the Seymour (TX) Police Department MySpace site, where he ask the following question:
"How in the world did you come to write a novel that takes place in the city of Seymour?"
If you are familiar with the Seymour area, then you know its a smaller city than the DFW Metroplex...and when I look back...and odd location for my first novel. But in the end, it worked out perfectly.

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Carms said...

Thank you for your candid answer to "Why Seymour". You have definately stirred my curiosity. I love to read and nothing gives me more pleasure than a read from someone as creative as you seem to be. Maybe one day you will be the subject on Oprah's book club!! I wish you success.
Warm regards,
Evette Calderon Harris

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks Evette Calderon Harris...I do appreciate you taking the time to listen. I will be in Seymour, TX this weekend, doing a book signing and hopefully a short (10 min.) video documentary at the actual cabin that inspired the story.

Should you come across my book somewhere I hope you enjoy it.
I look forward (more than writing now) to reading the responses of those who are willing to take a chance on a "nobody" within this industry.


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