Friday, July 18, 2008

"Drawing the Story"--July 18th, 2008

It's time to write that novel...

Yesterday I began journaling the experience of writing my follow-up novel to Proud Souls. My next story is one I began work on in early 2002, but like my previous story, it was discarded because I didn't like it and I didn't think it was good enough. Well, good enough or not—this time around—I am pressing forward.

The time has come to open the gates of my imagination and allow the worlds beyond the worlds of my mind to take form on paper. But unlike Proud Souls, I am going to journal—or blog—the entire novel writing experience, not so much from the (boring) business aspect of "this is how you publish your book" but instead from the methodical aspect of tearing out your soul, wrestling with the demons of your mind and ultimately pouring your words onto the canvas of your soul.

I will share all the dirty details and pains-taking experience I endure as I listen to the whispers of the characters borne in my mind, and bring their story to life in what will be my second novel: "The Other Side of Glory."

I hope you partake on this journey with me, which naturally, won't end overnight. It took me roughly four months in mid-2005 to write the bulk of Proud Souls—that being 60,000 words (roughly) in less than 120 days. Naturally, it would take one more year and numerous re-writes to complete my debut literary novel, but that isn't the point of this concept or project. Instead, I hope to share enough of myself and the process of writing a novel, that (a) I can gain new fans and friends, (b) gather momentum as I move towards publishing (or having this novel published) and lastly (c) prove beyond any reasonable doubt, that writing a book isn't easy—but it isn't impossible.

If you stay with me over the course of this blogging experience you should (at the very least) discover your own strength to complete the story that has lived within your soul. Don't be afraid to take a chance on your talent…if you have felt the urge to write, then pickup the pen and do it.

*If you missed my recent radio interview with Linda Bagwell, host of Weatherford College's "Books-N-Authors", click here to listen.*

~Bobby Ozuna
Texas Writer & Author
"Drawing Stories…With Words"

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