Monday, August 4, 2008

"The Other Side of Glory"--August 4th, 2008

I am a bit behind with this particular post...but...

On Thursday, July 28th I reached a small milestone within the life of my next novel: "The Other Side of Glory." As many may already know, I write all my stories free-hand--FIRST. I feel you kill the creative flow when you make any first attempts at writing stories at the computer. Whenever I get to a good stopping-point or even finish what I might call a chapter at that time, I stop writing and begin typing. I type that entire completed section of the story and while doing so, I am writing the next section/chapter free-hand again. I find it helps build on teh story as I work to write (free hand) the next section/chapter.

So, on Thursday the 28th of July, after I finished typing Chapter One (and I already had the Prologue) I came to a sudden realization: I am on my way to finishing my next novel!!!! The story was becoming a reality!!!

Yes, I know I was already working on it but until you see it, hold it, feel it and breathe the papers through the pores on your hands, then to me, it isn't yet real. But after printing out those first 26 pages (some 6,000 words typed already) I could not help but remember how I felt in the early stages of Proud Souls. It's hard to believe I have learned so much from my previous works to help this process flow much more smoothly.

The words are flowing out of my mind and onto paper with little resistance now. I am working on finishing the second chapter (typed version) so I can begin writing Chapter Three. Already it's been three weeks and in that time I have two chapters just about down with the third in progress. So for those of you curious to know how fast (or slow) you can write that novel trapped within your imagination--well, here is a realistic look. Even if I wrote one chapter per week--one handwritten version and one typed in that same week--I would have in six to eight months a 24~32 chapter novel which will range in the 300+ page range.

Regardless of what I do now, this new story (like all stories in my life) will dominate my every moment, awake or sleeping, until it is done. The characters I formulated within the creativity of my mind will begin taking on a life of their own, as they introduce the little quirks and habits that make them real.

Until next time, stay tuned for more details and behind the scenes updates on the creation of my second novel--from thought to completed manuscript.

~Bobby Ozuna

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