Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"The Other Side of Glory"--August 6th, 2008

I wrote two new pages yesterday and then nothing new...

Part of working to write the novel is finding lots of available time to formulate the story--not just on paper--but within your mind. My stories start long before I ever take the first words to paper. Actually, I rarely ever (if I ever have!!!) picked up the pen and started working on a story without FIRST writing the story in my mind.

Recently my very good friend Cathy asked me a question about the whole "time" scenario. She, like many others, wanted to know how I find time to write and market the book and do online promotional work, between having a wife and kids and job. I felt this was a good time as any to address that concern especially since my mind is running full-time with relation to "The Other Side of Glory."

My response: Well, it's not easy. The hardest part for me is finding the time to write and still somehow keep my wife from being irritated with me for "taking time away from the family" and still not give the impression that I am ignoring my children. I work part-time for a company in Southlake, Texas doing (the one thing I hate doing): computer work. I have been a network technician for 9-years and I can't stand it. It's a thank-less job where no matter how smart you are--you are either rewarded with MORE work or considered "the help." Writing is my passion and it consumes every aspect of my life, from my thoughts, my dreams while I am sleeping (and awake) and even (and especially) my attitude.

When I am working to develop a character--or getting to know a character that won't bend for my own imagination--I notice I begin to conform to their characteristics. I suppose that is part of why and how my characters seem "so real" at times. I have to try and get into THEIR minds in order to effectively transfer their persona on paper.

I don't try to purposely take time away from anyone I love, but writing isn't like working a regular job. You don't wake up and clock-in and then find a stopping point and clock-out. The story begins to come alive and you have to find the time to sit down and put those words on paper, before you lose them! If I ignore the sounds within my mind, because let's say, we have practice or a favorite show or movie on television, then what happens is the story begins to wrestle with my (un)willingness to bring it to life. My attitude gets worse because I am ignoring the one thing I am supposed to be doing. And in the end, everyone around me suffers...

You must have an open relationship with those closest to you--and teach them to understand that sitting down to write a story isn't like sitting down to play a game. There isn't an on/off switch for creativity. I have the terrible aspect of believing that since I am not outside my home, but rather in my home writing, it isn't so bad. But I forget--just like anyone else would--that just because you are home...doesn't mean you are home...

So, there is a fine line between working towards a dream and maintaining the family that you hope to provide for when that dream is fulfilled. Yes, one aspect is this: Your partner should deal with the emotional separation as long as you are home, especially considering if & when you reach your breakthrough, they surely aren't going to ignore the money. But to be fair, I have to remember, like all writers should, there is a possibility that you may never reach that milestone and looking back years later may have lost more than you acquired by pursuing a dream.

I know this does not completely answer the question...but it does address one of the harder aspects of being a least for Bobby Ozuna.


~Bobby Ozuna
"Drawing Stories...With Words"

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