Friday, August 8, 2008

"The Other Side of Glory"--August 8th, 2008

I wrote 5 new pages last night...

Last night I finished writing the second chapter and wrote the first page of Chapter 3. It was close to 11:00PM when I stopped; I couldn't write much more and I never force a I found a good stopping point and called it a done.

So far the story has taken a different path from what I originally envisioned--but again--that's the point. I may have a wild imagination, but it will never compare to the stories that present themselves to a willing and attentive soul.

In the early stages of this story I have introduced a man--Pops--who is on death-row awaiting execution for murder in a fictitious Huntsville prison system. He meets a young man by the name of Jace Harding who apparently will tell the old man's story over the course of the novel and eventually direct the audience to how he (Pops) came to commit murder.

From there the story introduces my two main characters--Joey Allario and Mikey Alaniz. Now, knowing every story MUST have a protagonist and antagonist, I have made it very clear who is who in their roles early on. Joey represents the concept of a "good" young man and Mikey, being his polar opposite, will represent the "bad." The first chapter introduces Joey as he ventures towards Jacksonville, North Carolina, home US Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune. We see him as honest, sincere and proper. The second chapter introduces Mikey Alaniz and his very good friend, Vinny Lozano. Vinny's position within the story will be mediator between Mikey and Joey. His role is crucial considering the interaction between the "hero" and "villian" will be limited but still necessary to know their thoughts towards one another as the story progresses.

The reader will meet Mikey and see him interact with a woman (who happens to be lying naked next to him in a he watches her butt-muscles react to his touch) early on. This particular introduction to his character is imperative, as his character, ego and actions are dictated by those of women. It is part of his substance as a man. The reader will also get a feel for his rage and anger as he will have words with another Marine right away, which will boil-over into a physical confrontation in Chapter 3, where he meets our hero: Joey Allario.

More to come....

~Bobby Ozuna
author of "Proud Souls"

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