Sunday, September 28, 2008

Countdown to "The Odd Mind" with Angel Lesa

Just a reminder...mark your calendars!!!

In exactly 5 more days I will go LIVE with Blog Talk Radio host Angel Lesa's podcast show--"The Odd Mind!"

Date: Friday, October 3rd
Time: 8~9PM, CST (LIVE)

This is the number you can use to call in, should you wish to participate with questions for the author:: 347-945-7025.

There is also a chat-room feature you can use to post questions while I am being interviewed.

URL: BlogTalkRadio--"The Odd Mind"

Click here to view the original blog post for this announcement.

~Bobby Ozuna
author of PROUD SOULS
"Drawing Stories...With Words"


jjttarroyo said...

I can't wait to listen !!! I know it will be great !!!

Bobby Ozuna said...


Thanks for the comment! I am as nervous as I am excited. This is by far the biggest platform of available listeners I have had in one sitting.

There are so many ideas, wishes, dreams, ambitions and requests I want to bring to the table and even though an hour is a long time--it is only a moment when under the pressure of an interview.

My hope is this:
Perhaps.... a medium/large publishing house will consider Proud Souls.... an independent film company will consider it for a movie... Oprah might pick up my copy in her office and read it... people might give me a chance, if not so much for the book...but for the love of the author....Proud Souls will do the rest when they crack the pages open...

Thank you!

Bobby Ozuna said...

Hello everyone... the link to Angel Lesa's BlogTalkRadio site has been corrected! Thanks for letting me know!!!

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Need an Illustrator for your next book project?
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