Wednesday, October 22, 2008

GREAT post and feedback for (effectively) promoting your book online...

If you are serious about promoting your work online...take a look at (social media and technology guru) Chris Brogan's latest string (which is still going by the way...): "Promoting Your Book Online."

If you ever do some writer's market more effectively than others? And why, if I am trying everything I can to gain exposure, does it seem like some writer's move more quickly up the ladder of success than me??? Well, fear not! You are not alone. Everyone feels that way...including me...and even those who are, well, up the ladder...

Check out Chris Brogan's post on book promotion (title URL above) and read the comments...and learn from those who have been there...and those who are still trying... Be sure to offer your feedback...because that (in the end) is how we learn...grow...and progress...towards success!!!

~Bobby Ozuna


Sue Canfield said...

I have been following Chris Brogan's thread about promoting particularly because my husband is an author. I'm trying to learn all I can. I already posted on Chris' site about virtual book tours. But I'd like to mention them again here. I'm putting together a list of bloggers that would be willing to host an author for a day on a virtual book tour. Let me know if you're interested in being added to the list.

Bobby Ozuna said...

You know, I haven't hosted another author yet...but I sure am willing. I suppose I waited to host someone...well...until I had my own virtual book tour (first). But I'm not selfish...Go ahead and put my blog down on the list. I'd love to host another author and help them up the ladder...



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