Thursday, October 23, 2008

I am out of the office!!!

It has been a very busy and stressful few weeks for me. I have worked diligently to bring as much helpful and insightful information as I could to my fellow author. I hope my posts have helped many of you find your way closer towards obtaining your publishing and marketing goals. And I am happy to say, it's time for a break!!! I am going to be "out of the office" until Tuesday, October 28th. I am heading to the coast--Port Isabell/S.Padre Island--for a deep sea fishin' adventure with my family.

This will be the first time my father two brothers, Joe & nephew Chris...cousins Johnny Creek, Cruz and "Little" Paul...will fish together, especially a deep sea fishin' trip. Also coming with us are some very special friends...the kind of friends that are good enough to call family.... My long time friend Jeff Sneed... my fellow brother from the Marine Corps, Manny brother Ralph's best friend Phillip...and a friend of the family who has been around as long as I have lived...Kevin Queppet.

I can't wait to get on the road tonight...and watch the sun come up to our East as we pass the Corpus Cristi area...heading southbound towards the Rio Grande Valley...

I will be sure to share some pics...and videos of this adventure when I return...

Until then...happy writing...happy reading...



jessykamp said...

Have a great time!! Don't let the 'big one' get away!!! haha.

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks Jessy....
Considering we planned this trip one year ago...and we haven't stopped talking about it since...I doubt any fish are going to stand a chance this weekend...

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