Monday, October 6, 2008

NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! I mean, no more newsletter blasts...

NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! I mean, no more newsletter blasts!!!

Okay, so I stole the Soup Nazi's's okay though...I'm a HUGE FAN!!!

In order to stay current with pressing technological advances for this blog, I have opted to throw out the news list/newsletter (blast) in lieu of my new blog feed. For those who don't care or understand the difference, well, here is a brief breakdown.

A newsletter blast is the traditional means for keeping readers (of blog or website content) current with "what's happening" within that particular domain. It's a manual procedure--that for me--takes too much time...time I can be spending writing new material!!!

A feed (reader/manager program) is a tool that allows content to be submitted to a group of readers automatically, each time the content for the (blog or website) is updated. So for me, each time I post a new blog, each of the people previously listed in my Newsletter database will now get the content submitted via email, directly to their inbox!

I am using FeedBurner as my host for maintaining the content and I have transferred my news list contacts to my Feedburner database. So, now you can stay current with each of my blog postings instead of waiting for me to get around to compiling a Newsletter to send once a month or every other month.

For those of you who have NOT subscribed to my blog, click the image below and you will be taken to FeedBurner's syndication page for my blog--"Drawing Stories...With Words." Once there, you can choose (if you already use a feed reader to read blog content) your own feed reader option or simply choose the option to "Get Drawing Stories With Words delivered by email..." Enter in your email address and you are done...

IF this doesn't work for whatever reason...try this link to subscribe via email...

Thank you for the support everyone!!!

~Bobby Ozuna
author of PROUD SOULS

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