Friday, October 3, 2008

"Project PS"--30 Minutes and we are LIVE...!!!

It's Friday night, October 3rd and I am minutes (literarlly) from my LIVE podcast interview with the host of Blog Talk Radio's--"The Odd Mind."
I have notified everyone I know...via email...via text...via MySpace post...Facebook...Book Marketing blog and especially the good ole' word of mouth...
This will be my biggest platform for reaching the largest audience in one sitting I have had since starting my career as a writer... I have had book signings...I have been on the radio...I have been interviewd on person...I have spoken at schools...libraries...and to everyone I meet about my novel, Proud Souls. I have told myself this tonight...if I only reach one listener...and that one listener becomes a fan...and in doing so buys and reads Proud Souls...then it was enough...because I have said, if I have to win the world fan at a time...I will...
I look forward to your comments...
PS: There is now 25 minutes to go...


jessykamp said...

hey i am posting so i can get that free copy...i want the autograph(blush). I cant wait for the new book to come out.

Bobby Ozuna said...

You are getting the autographed copy!!
I read your WONDERFUL complimentary email and I cannot say thank-you enough!!! You can quote me on your book anytime!!!
I am glad you enjoyed the interview and I will get with you soon to get that address...and send your copy of Proud Souls.

jessykamp said...

thank you soooooo much! i really didnt expect to get it! wow, i am floored. I have also been spreding the word to my friends on facebook. you are sooooo getting a thanks PAGE in my book!

jessykamp said...

i was so blown away that i forgot my login name and pass code for this blog...;0*

Bobby Ozuna said...

You're book will be here soon... what copies were available at my publisher's office in Tennessee were sold out. I am waiting on a new inventory and will proceed. Part of the delay is me...and my changes to my book on file...such as a NEW (possible) cover and hardback/eBook release within the next 3 months.

You will get it!!!

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