Monday, October 20, 2008

"Project PS"--NEW Amazon Review! October 20th, 2008

Reviews are very tough to come by these days....I started out strong...then...things just dwindled away...but that's just part of the game...

I want to thank Jessie O., of Goose Creek, South Carolina for her latest review of "Proud Souls" on I truly appreciate you taking the time to support my efforts as an independent author!!!

I appreciate it so much when people take it upon themselves to share their thoughts, criticisms and feedback of my work with the Amazon community. I can't stress this enough--if you did NOT like the book--that's just something I have to accept. Not every book or style is good for every style of reader. So, if you did or did not like it, I want to hear about it. I think the readers out there searching for a new book deserve to hear honest feedback, whether it's good for me or not. I have nothing to hide...

So, if you've read the book...take a moment to share your thoughts with would help me because it gives my work credibility.... Click here to post a review on Amazon now...

If you haven't read it and you are interested in reading the thoughts of here to read more...


jessykamp said...

I am just taking the cue to bless those who have blessed me. One day I will need someone like you or me to help me spread the word "one reader at a time". You put your heart and soul out there for others to be inspired by and learn from, so that is my thanks to you! It was a great book...if it sucked I'da told you so! I have had the pleasure (or displeasure) of reading a manuscript in the past for a friend and as much as it hurt me to say SUCKED! So I wouldnt have put such a great review unless it was from the heart.
So from the heart...thank you for your time and patience with me and my book in progress, I look forward to working with you more during this process. If there really is a God, I thank him every day for placing us in each other's paths, if even for a moment. You have made this journey sooo much fun and a bit easier to travel.

Bobby Ozuna said...

I am speechless...
Thank you. I swore to help as many as I could...believing, like you, that some day...some way...and some will come back to [haunt] me and offer me the means to provide a living with the gifts and talents GOD gave me...

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