Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Project PS"--NEW book formats coming soon!!!--October 20th, 2008

I am pleased to announce two new book formats for Proud Souls which I will release before the end of the year!!!

The first format which will be released in November of this year is the eBook version of Proud Souls. This download will be available for under $10USD. I should have released this format long ago, but there were many "particulars" I was not comfortable with in relation to how eBooks are released. I could have chosen from many vendors, such as the (ever-coming) popular, but being I have maintained my independent publishing company "in line" with the corporate giants, I felt it was imperative I released my electronic version with the same options, availability and security offered by the more established book publishers.

Proud Souls on Amazon

The second format to be released this year will be the hardcover. I am going to offer a new cover with this format. I am working on the cover changes now and once I find the right look, feel and image, this book format will be available for the standard retail (hardcover) cost of $24.99USD.

I am also busy working on the initial production stages of creating Proud Souls as an audio book/CD. Knowing how much I hate the sound of my own voice, I am debating whether to allow a guest to read the book in its entirety. Still fumbling around with ideas...

Please stay tuned for more details...

~Bobby Ozuna


Nancy said...

All excellent add-ons to your amazing book, Proud Souls. Any chance you could have the hardback and/or the audio ready for Christmas. What a wonderful gift idea. Look forward to seeing the new look of your hardcover edition of PS.

Bobby Ozuna said...

Honestly, my goal is to have the hardcover ready by December 1st. The step in the process that takes the longest to complete, is the graphical design work for the cover. I could very easily approve the original cover and have the hardback out immediately, but honestly, I want to offer something different--a variety if you will--for my fans.

Thanks for the support!!!

jessykamp said...

Woo hoo!

Bobby Ozuna said...

Jessy & Nancy:
I am going to post the potential cover images for the hardcover book later on my get my friends and fans perspective on what they like or don't like...

Please stay in touch...details to come later!!!

Ashley said...

I'm excited for you!! And yes you should use your own voice, it sounds just fine. I'm sure that you willdo just fine and not one person will comment on how horrible your voice sounds!! So, good luck! I'm praying for your continuing success!!!!!

Ashley said...

I'm excited for you!!! Go ahead and use your own voice! I'm sure it will sound perfect! I wish you luck!!! I'm praying for you and your continuing success!!!

Bobby Ozuna said...

As always...I appreciate the kudos! I will look into more options for getting Proud Souls converted to audio book format...and I will be sure to let everyone know.
Thanks for the support!!!

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