Monday, November 10, 2008

New FREE service for my fellow bloggers...

Calling all newbie bloggers...!!!! (And bloggers too busy to design your own work or those who don't care to be "typical" or default in appearance). If you dont' want to use a default banner provided by your blog provider, then please, keep reading...!!!


One of the great aspects of being "independent" at anything--books, music, art, photography, etc.--is the freedom to learn--and the dire necessity to learn--every aspect of your trade. For me, being an independent author, this means learning how to market and promote my work effectively (which takes time....lots and lots of time...). I can say marketing comes pretty easily for me. Coming up with creative ways to tell people about my work is easy as is posting a new blog every three days. When I started this publishing journey, I was green, very green. I had the ideas but didn't have the know-how much less the resources for getting started. I viewed other blogs, generated ideas from others and what they said worked and didn't work and went to my friend Jeff Sneed (Onsite Computer Repair) for help with the design and implementation of my website: BobbyOzunaOnline.

We worked together diligently (as I am a very impatient man) and often to come up with a look that was unique to my character. I didn't want to have the general author appearance, which is commonly drab and plain. I felt I brought more to the table. When we finished I told Jeff I wanted to know what we did and I didn't want to bother him anymore with the technical aspects. I wanted to learn how to do it myself...and for the most part...I did.

With Jeff's help and direction I began updating and changing the look and feel for my website. From there I wanted to start customizing images and doing some of the graphical work myself. And like everything else I have ever done in my life...I picked up a book, spent some time on Google and slowly, very slowly, I started to become more comfortable with creative digital design. That takes me to the point of this blog.

I recently offered a service to my fellow authors to have their books online profile changed from the standard dimension look to a 3D image (see, 3D book cover design here). I am offering this service at a very low rate in comparison to other professional design guru's because I need the practice and I want the business. My next service I am going to offer--FREE for now--is my banner design for websites & blogs.

Below is a sample of my latest work I created for poet Jessie Kamp of South Carolina. I created this blog completely free to her, asking only that she post it on her blog and tell others about my work. Like any grass-roots campaign I am starting at the bottom but offering the BEST of my abilities to anyone who is looking for a custom banner for their blog.

If you are interested, please use this blog to contact me. Send me a link to your blog site and I will collect some pictures--of yourself, book cover, etc--and implement a blog banner you can post and share for absolutely FREE. If you have images you wish to incorporate (please be considerate of copyright laws when submitting images) into a blog banner, I will follow-up with an email address where you can send them and start work on your banner.

I look forward to hearing from you...and all means...spread the word!!!

~Bobby Ozuna


Jeffery Sneed said...

Awesome man, Keep up the good work.

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Bobby Ozuna said...

You are one of my oldest and trusted friends. I have learned so much from you over the past few years and for that, I thank you.

Thanks for the kudos...between writing, blogging, research and's hard to find any extra time to learn something new...but that hasn't stopped me before. Thanks for the links my friend.

RobinRenee said...

*Clearing Throat* I'll take that offer. I have tried to make myself a banner using the title of my series, BLOODBREEDERS: I stink! Nothing else to say about it..LOL.

Your work is great for someone that just learned. Let me know if you want to do my banner.

Have a wonderful day!


Bobby Ozuna said...

Are you kidding me???? For as much as you have supported me this year and for as much as we have collaborated to help one another out--the way it's supposed to be--why would you guess any differently???

I believe you have my email address...if not...we will connect and I want you to send me some pics...cover images, your picture, etc...and I will begin working on a new banner plus some small logo's for redirects to your MySpace, etc....

Don't forget to spread the word!!! (Or you can blog it...hint, hint...)

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