Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Power and Consequence of persuing a dream...

I wonder, if you had to choose between your dreams and the reality of your soul, the part of you that makes you unique and different to the world...and choose between love and family, which would you choose?

For many of us, we face the moments in our life when we have to choose between becoming what we were born to be...and choosing the life we have lived. It isn't fair for us, but sometimes the ones we love hinder us more than help us, even without them knowing it. They put us in uncompromising positions to choose between being "like everyone else" or like them...and venturing off in uncharted waters to become something greater...to allow the true light within you to shine for the world, as God has so chosen for your life...

What would you do...???


Angie said...

I believe that one has to be true to themselves ... No matter where the road leads you. If we were meant to go by what others want us to be we would not be ourselves! Even though though it may be hurtful to those who want us to be WHAT they want us to be... You still have to be true to yourself...or you will suffocate and lose who you are! Some one once told me that if you were holding a bird in your hand what would you do with this bird? Would you keep holding it and put it in a cage... or would you allow it to be a bird and let it go to spread it's wings and let it soar! People who have spirits like a bird, can not be put in a cage... They have to soar! Personally I am a bird trapped in a cage and when I bust out of that cage I will soar like no other bird has soared before! Therefore, I would choose the path in which god has chosen for me and not let any one else choose that path for me.. No matter whom they might be!

Jessie O. said...

Wow, you have no idea how much that topic hit home for me. I was faced with this decision and had to choose to leave my family. I was not living up to my potential in that situation. I had to let things fall away as it were in order to find myself and my path. I am not saying what I did was right or wrong-that is simply what happened to me almost a year ago. I have been writing and creating ever since. I believe that we need the people in our lives that support us unconditionally. No strings attatched, no reservations, just simple undying affection and love for what we are and what we do. Of course there is room for the critics here! I am not saying to surround ones self with the YES men, but ones who up lift us even if they do not share our passions. And on that note, my friend, how are you?

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