Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--March 25th, 2009

Catch Yvonne Mason, public speaker and author of "Brilliant Insanity" and "Silent Scream" tonight, Wednesday, March 25th LIVE on "The Soul of Humanity."

Remember, the show is designed to spotlight and publicize the world of independent arts and your work as authors and musicians. The show will stream LIVE for one hour over the World Wide Web. I am honored to say my listening base is growing every week; last week's show with Susan Wingate accounted for 10,000 listeners world wide! If you have a book you would like to have "plugged" live over the air, feel free to contribute as little as $10USD via PayPal to my email address and I will make sure the world hears your name and book title and where/how to get a copy! If you are interested in being a guest author, contact me here.

You can link to and purchase a copy of "Silent Scream" by Yvonne Mason here on

We are always looking for sponsors. You can email me here as well for information related to sponsor rates. Remember, the Artist First Radio Network is a 24/7 streaming Internet radio program that reaches 1.2 million listeners per month, world wide. We stream "The Soul of Humanity" commercial free and every show is archived for later listening. So, each time the guest post/re-post their show to their fan community, your business, book or service will be blasted again and again.

Be sure to stop by and leave Yvonne a comment, feedback or question here on my blog.

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--March 18th, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--March 18th, 2009

Tonight on "The Soul of Humanity" show I will feature author, Susan Wingate. She is the author of 'Bobby's Diner', a poet, playwright and screenplay writer. Tonight we will discuss various aspects of her literary career--from her beginnings to where she is today.

Susan will be giving away 3 Autographed copies of her novel, 'Bobby's Diner' tonight to three lucky listeners. Be sure to post your comments, feedback or questions for Susan right here on this blog! You may be one of the lucky winners at the end of the night! There is an Amazon widget on the right-hand sidebar of this blog, where you can purchase your copy today!!!

Don't forget, you can have your book "plugged" LIVE on my show to my listening audience of close to (presently) 5,000 listeners by making a simple monetary contribution via PayPal. If you donate as little as $10USD, I will plug your book in one show. If you want to have your book plugged in more shows, increase that amount by $10 and you get an extra show. It's that simple. The email address to send money via PayPal is:

Presently, my listening audience has spanned close to 5,000 listeners from the US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, South Korea, South Africa, the Netherlands, the UK and India! I am counting on my listeners from outside the US to send me their comments and feedback. I'd love to hear from you!!!

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

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Friday, March 13, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--March 13th, 2009

(Click HERE to see the "send funds via email" page for PayPal)

I am offering a new feature to help support my efforts to keep this show running--I am now accepting donations via PayPal for The Soul of Humanity.

Being my show is part of a physical radio station in Ohio, I have to pay for my air time. Up to this point, I haven't asked for anything from my guests as I feel I will be better served to establish a following if I let people be a guest on my show for free--and I would like to keep it that way. But because the airtime cost me money and I haven't found any substantial sponsors, I am taking donations. BUT, this is what I can offer for as little as $10 USD.

If you are an author or musician/band and you have an item to sale--book or CD--and you contribute to my efforts to keep this show running, I will plug your book on the air for all my fans to hear. And if you haven't heard, as of today, I have collected 23,000 total listeners of my five shows. That means I am averaging 4,600 listeners per week!!! When you consider the company and the cost of advertisement, a simple $10, $20 (or more) contribution gets your book/CD plugged to close to 5,000 LIVE listeners. Don't forget my shows are archived, so everytime my guest publicizes their interview on my show, that's a new audience hearing about your book or CD or website or name!!!

If you choose to contribute funds to help support my efforts to keep The Soul of Humanity running, please simply send the funds to the following email address:  If you have a book or CD be sure to put all the pertinent information in the "Message" portion of the funds transfer page.

I do truly appreciate your help...!!!

...Supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna
"Drawing Stories...With Words"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--March 11th, 2009

Tonight I am pleased to announce my special guest on The Soul of Humanity, Lesa Trapp of The Odd Mind Magazine and Blog Talk Radio's The Odd Mind show. Tonight we will discuss aspects of her career as a podcast/Internet radio host and her work as an author. We will definitely discuss her efforts to support other independent authors in their struggles towards success with her monthly magazine/e-zine--The Odd Mind Magazine.

Connect with Lesa Trapp here:

Be sure to listen LIVE tonight, March 11th @ 7PM CST. You can link to my show HERE. Simply click the LISTEN LIVE button and Windows Media Player will stream my show LIVE!

Be sure to post comments on this blog or feedback for me or my guest here on this blog.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for "The Soul of Humanity" or interested in being a guest on my show, contact me HERE.

...supporting the independent arts...
~Bobby Ozuna
"Drawing Stories...With Words"

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Drawing The Story"--March 5th, 2009

On last night's broadcast for The Soul of Humanity, I read an article during my early monologue session, called "Why I Write." I originally posted the article in April of 2008. I wanted a way to introduce my guest--Elaine Williams, author of "A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss"--that allowed my audience to understand that we, as authors, come to write for various reasons and the books we create are not always written because we wanted to, but sometimes because that is where fate has led us. The experiences of our life sometimes urge us to share our journey, our path, with the world. For my guest, she experienced great loss and what started as a therapeutic means to cope with the grief, became her award winning book. I got lots of emails from fans asking for the copy of that article I read last night. So...for those of you who it is...

Thanks for the support everyone! Be sure to catch the re-broadcast of last night's show (and all my shows) on my Artist First Radio Network homepage for The Soul of Humanity.

Why I Write

I write out of necessity; I write out of desire. I write for the sheer joy of creating life on paper and I write because if I ignored the inner voice within my mind, it would drive me mad. And the irony in that truth is to be successful as a writer of fiction, you have to (at moments at least) lose your mind and escape the realities of the world around you in order to draw a story with words about a world that doesn't necessarily exist, detailing the pains and sufferings and the joys and happiness of the characters we create on paper. You have to answer their call to tell their story.

My writing is so much a part of my everyday life no less than breathing, eating or drinking. Writing however is voluntary and because of that you have to force it—even when it isn't time—because like taking a breath or eating food or drinking water to survive, to ignore the voices within your mind, you suffocate, starve and dehydrate your creative soul. And when your soul suffers, so too does your body.

Writing is the action that brings me balance and offers me a sense of accomplishment in this world that appears to offer an ounce of joy for every cup of pain. It is the push that will not let me sleep comfortably at night. It's the whispers that only I can hear—the creak and bending sound of the floor beneath my feet while I pace from corner to corner. It's the tingle I feel down my neck while I lay safely under the covers and the breathing force I feel hovering over my body that stiffens me and frightens me to the point that I cannot move and somehow feel my soul slip out from beneath me.

Once I open the door to my imagination, and allow the whispers to formulate a history and a plot and ultimately a story—I am forever bound to the characters until I conclude the story. And it is not one moment sooner that the whispers within my mind will cease—and I can once again sleep well at night—at least a while. I get to know them while I am drawing their story and I cannot remember all their names when I am done. Someone may quote my own words and impress me and yet I forget the words are mine. Like a seer in a prophetic trance, I lose myself, giving way to my creativity and when I come to, I am impressed not by my own abilities but by the gift I was given. For in the end the impressiveness of my work is ultimately a reflection of a God-given gift, not of myself, but the calling I was given. I am neither greater than the next person nor lower, but equal with those who have a passion for literature and stories and the creativity of the artists that create our worlds. I am simply a writer.

Writing is my gift; It is part of who I am as a person—part of my soul. It gives purpose to my existence and the journey. Coming to that reality is hard—as many writers will tell you—the uncertainty of when or how I may proclaim myself a writer—casting aside the lack of experience or the literary resume that makes you famous—was the key to understanding my purpose as a writer. Once I did and I found the courage to face the truths about my own artistic abilities and short-comings I then found the strength to face the creativity of my artificial worlds—those I create within my imagination. It is there I find the peace that accompanies the life I was born to live.

…And that is why I write.

Bobby Ozuna, author of Proud Souls and host of The Soul of Humanity, Internet Radio Show.

If you are interested in sponsoring the show or being a LIVE guest, please contact me here for details.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--March 4th, 2009

Elaine Williams, author interview, author podcasts

Hello everyone, this evening it will be my pleasure to feature author Elaine Williams of OnWings Press. We will discuss her work as an author and her book, "A Journey Well Taken: Life After Loss" and its recognition as a finalist in the 2008 USA Book News National Best Book Award contest.

You can link to the book on the Amazon storefront HERE. There are some very good reviews which you can read through and if you have read the book already, I would encourage you to share your thoughts, feedback and comments with the Amazon community. Remember, reviews help if you loved the Elaine Williams by posting a review today!!!

I will be discussing the topic of independent publishing, from a personal aspect as well as the professional nose-grinding perspective of "work" many people don't understand when they hear someone say they are an author.

Elaine will be giving away one FREE autographed copy of her book tonight to a lucky be sure to stop by, listen to the show, share your thoughts here on this blog and you may find yourself the lucky recipient of that free copy!!!

You can connect with her via her blog here: Loss, Grief and Renewal

Remember, if you are interested in sponsoring The Soul of Humanity, be sure to contact me here. We have weekly, monthly and even quarterly rates available. If you would like to be a guest on my show, you can submit an email HERE as well; be sure to put "TSOH-guest" in the subject line.

SHOW TIME: 7PM Central (Texas) Time
LOCATION: The Soul of Humanity, with Bobby Ozuna
*Simply Click the ON AIR button to stream LIVE*

~Bobby Ozuna
author of Proud Souls
host of The Soul of Humanity, Internet Radio Show
"Drawing Stories...With Words"

Monday, March 2, 2009

"Marketing 101"--March 2nd, 2009

The Shack versus Proud Souls??? Is there any similarities???

I responded to a Mr. Eric Wilson who gave a very thoughtful review of The Shack, by Mr. William P. Young on here. The review is old and one of countless others but I thought his insight was very good and thought you should read it. One of the most difficult aspects of marketing a novel is comparing your work to someone else. This is something I have not been very good with and because of that, I feel at times I am hurting myself.

I have asked my friends and fans to consider another work by another author while they read Proud Souls or after to help me find a good marketing angle, but to this day there hasn't been much of anything except perhaps a reference or two to Mr. William P. Young's christian novel: The Shack.

I can't say my book is anywhere close to be as good or as profound as Mr. Young's novel (it is number #3 on Amazon's list of best-sellers) but I am curious to find out if anyone might compare the two...for the sake of controversy, good salesmanship or even help me truly find a book that compares to Proud Souls for the sake of good marketability???

If you are a reader and you have read The Shack, please, pick up a copy of Proud Souls and share your thoughts, either here on this blog or with the Amazon community. I warn you however, Proud Souls was not written for any particular group or organization or people who choose to seclude themselves from what is "real" within the world, for the sake of a religious belief. There is light within my story, as there is always light within our dark corridors, but sometimes, most of the time, we have to go through dark places in order to be a witness or give a testimony of the good left in this world...and that is what my hero, Justin Bower had to do on this emotional journey of self-redemption and forgiveness...


~Bobby Ozuna

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