Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--March 25th, 2009

Catch Yvonne Mason, public speaker and author of "Brilliant Insanity" and "Silent Scream" tonight, Wednesday, March 25th LIVE on "The Soul of Humanity."

Remember, the show is designed to spotlight and publicize the world of independent arts and your work as authors and musicians. The show will stream LIVE for one hour over the World Wide Web. I am honored to say my listening base is growing every week; last week's show with Susan Wingate accounted for 10,000 listeners world wide! If you have a book you would like to have "plugged" live over the air, feel free to contribute as little as $10USD via PayPal to my email address and I will make sure the world hears your name and book title and where/how to get a copy! If you are interested in being a guest author, contact me here.

You can link to and purchase a copy of "Silent Scream" by Yvonne Mason here on

We are always looking for sponsors. You can email me here as well for information related to sponsor rates. Remember, the Artist First Radio Network is a 24/7 streaming Internet radio program that reaches 1.2 million listeners per month, world wide. We stream "The Soul of Humanity" commercial free and every show is archived for later listening. So, each time the guest post/re-post their show to their fan community, your business, book or service will be blasted again and again.

Be sure to stop by and leave Yvonne a comment, feedback or question here on my blog.

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

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Nancy said...

How much patience does it take to work on a project for that many years? Did you ever think about not finishing it? Is this part of your charater or has it been a source of character building?

Nancy said...

Yvonne, What are the biggest differences and challenges of writing a book based on actual events versus a book that is fiction. What do you prefer to write? Fiction or Fact?? Thanks and I look forward to checking out your work...

Yvonne Mason said...

Nancy to answer your questions it takes alot of patience to work on a procject that long, and yes it is part of my character.
The biggest difference in writing non fiction versus fiction is that one has to make sure what goes in the book is correct. Everything I have in Silent Scream I can back up with evidence. I like doing both. I do fiction because the voices in my head make me. I love to write true crime because that is my background.
Thank you so much for your questions if you have any more please feel free to ask.

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