Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--March 11th, 2009

Tonight I am pleased to announce my special guest on The Soul of Humanity, Lesa Trapp of The Odd Mind Magazine and Blog Talk Radio's The Odd Mind show. Tonight we will discuss aspects of her career as a podcast/Internet radio host and her work as an author. We will definitely discuss her efforts to support other independent authors in their struggles towards success with her monthly magazine/e-zine--The Odd Mind Magazine.

Connect with Lesa Trapp here:

Be sure to listen LIVE tonight, March 11th @ 7PM CST. You can link to my show HERE. Simply click the LISTEN LIVE button and Windows Media Player will stream my show LIVE!

Be sure to post comments on this blog or feedback for me or my guest here on this blog.

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Angie said...

I love the fact that you and your guest have the smarts to go independent!!! I do have a question? what kind of advice that you would give to my sister who is starting her book in Iraq and she is having trouble writing the book because all the feelings that she experienced in her life that she writing about is coming back and she is having trouble dealing with those feelings and feels as if she is alone in dealing with the feelings that she has put in the back of her mind to become a survivor and not a victim. I have told her that she is not alone and that she is writing about something that most women go through at least once in their lives! I am her #1 supporter as I am for you! what advice can you give her in order to keep going on the book that she so badly wants to write! she feels that she has to tell her story and I think that it will help her heal from her tragedy and possibly help other who is going through the same thing she went through! what so you and your guest suggest to help her get over the feeling that she is going through? I told her that she is never alone as long as I am alive! My question is that what how did you deal with your feelings as you were writing?

Angie said...

I want to continue that you are the person that we are looking up to for the advice to get her book published and out there in the world for everyone could hear her story! She emailed me telling me that the feelings she was experiencing while she was writing was overwhelming and hard to deal with ! I told her that once she is done writing her book a weight will be lifted and she can she will be able to move on with her life and not to have this horrible thing hovering over her. This book will not be a fictional book. I have been through some of the things that she went through and I am a survivor and I tend to for get the rape and molestations that happen to me and I think that she is having trouble dealing with the feelings that she had gone through!Hopefully you will respond to this comment and questions that I have posted! I am very interested in how Laura got through the feelings that she had to deal with in order to write her book? I know that Iraq is not the greatest place to start writing my sister to write her book. but at the same time she is there and is inspired to write the book because of your book that you write I know that she would come back with all the grief that she has to leave it behind in Iraq. It keeps haunting her and both of us feel that it is time for her to write this book and get rid of this experience out of her system. It is like a poison running through her veins and it effects her relationships I want her to get over this and become a happier person and not dwell on what happened in the past! My sister has recognized why she is the way she is. Which is the first step but you never forget it! but she is so ready to shear her story with others! Rebekah is just having trouble getting through the over overwhelming of the feelings that she thinks that she is alone is what she is feeling. What she needs is support that she is not alone, even though I give her a lot of support but I think that she needs to here from other people that she is not alone in the feelings are coming out like they are while she is writing! Please help or give me any suggestions of things that I can tell her that this is normal to feel this way when she is writing her book?

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