Monday, March 2, 2009

"Marketing 101"--March 2nd, 2009

The Shack versus Proud Souls??? Is there any similarities???

I responded to a Mr. Eric Wilson who gave a very thoughtful review of The Shack, by Mr. William P. Young on here. The review is old and one of countless others but I thought his insight was very good and thought you should read it. One of the most difficult aspects of marketing a novel is comparing your work to someone else. This is something I have not been very good with and because of that, I feel at times I am hurting myself.

I have asked my friends and fans to consider another work by another author while they read Proud Souls or after to help me find a good marketing angle, but to this day there hasn't been much of anything except perhaps a reference or two to Mr. William P. Young's christian novel: The Shack.

I can't say my book is anywhere close to be as good or as profound as Mr. Young's novel (it is number #3 on Amazon's list of best-sellers) but I am curious to find out if anyone might compare the two...for the sake of controversy, good salesmanship or even help me truly find a book that compares to Proud Souls for the sake of good marketability???

If you are a reader and you have read The Shack, please, pick up a copy of Proud Souls and share your thoughts, either here on this blog or with the Amazon community. I warn you however, Proud Souls was not written for any particular group or organization or people who choose to seclude themselves from what is "real" within the world, for the sake of a religious belief. There is light within my story, as there is always light within our dark corridors, but sometimes, most of the time, we have to go through dark places in order to be a witness or give a testimony of the good left in this world...and that is what my hero, Justin Bower had to do on this emotional journey of self-redemption and forgiveness...


~Bobby Ozuna

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