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"The Soul of Humanity"--March 18th, 2009

"The Soul of Humanity"--March 18th, 2009

Tonight on "The Soul of Humanity" show I will feature author, Susan Wingate. She is the author of 'Bobby's Diner', a poet, playwright and screenplay writer. Tonight we will discuss various aspects of her literary career--from her beginnings to where she is today.

Susan will be giving away 3 Autographed copies of her novel, 'Bobby's Diner' tonight to three lucky listeners. Be sure to post your comments, feedback or questions for Susan right here on this blog! You may be one of the lucky winners at the end of the night! There is an Amazon widget on the right-hand sidebar of this blog, where you can purchase your copy today!!!

Don't forget, you can have your book "plugged" LIVE on my show to my listening audience of close to (presently) 5,000 listeners by making a simple monetary contribution via PayPal. If you donate as little as $10USD, I will plug your book in one show. If you want to have your book plugged in more shows, increase that amount by $10 and you get an extra show. It's that simple. The email address to send money via PayPal is:

Presently, my listening audience has spanned close to 5,000 listeners from the US, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, South Korea, South Africa, the Netherlands, the UK and India! I am counting on my listeners from outside the US to send me their comments and feedback. I'd love to hear from you!!!

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

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Nancy said...

Are all writers born with the "pay it forward" mentality? I think it is amazing at the generousity that all of your guests have possessed. Think how wonderful our world would be if we all lived with this mentality. Enjoyed listening to Susan interact with you. What is her book about? :)

Susan Wingate said...

Hi Nancy!
I'd like to send you a free book. Please send me an email to and thank you for listening to the interview!
Sincerely, Susan.

Angie said...

I have a question? when you are writing you have all these words jumbled in your head ready to get out, how do you find the way to put it on paper? I seem to have that trouble when I write and it is hard for me to unjumble the words. Usually when all is said and done I tend to pass it off and others think it is great?? I loved your interview with Bobby this evening and now I want to go on your web site to find out more about you. :-)

Bobby Ozuna said...

It was so happy to have you on my show tonight. You were truly wonderful and beyond that, passionate about what you do as an author, writer and public figure. I hope to have you on my show again one day!!!

I will make sure your subscribers get the link for the re-broadcast later this week!!! Stay tuned and spread the word!!!

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