Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Grand Stage for the Independent Author

In light of recent changes over the course of the past few years, the publishing industry is evolving into a fast-paced, robust business, offering the independent author more control over their career. The book publishing world is no longer dictated by the few but by many who are in tune with the wants and needs of the reader community. Book publishing is making technological advances at a more rapid pace than most industries in or across America. With the vast array of online social networking websites, online tools and platforms available today, independently published authors have a greater capacity to market, promote and sell their work. In years past, that responsibility fell entirely to, and was cornered by, the traditional publishing houses.

Naturally, with the increased availability for self-published authors to gather exposure online, there is a still great scrutiny and negative stigma implied by a small assortment of literary experts. Whether the negativity implied is true, this simple fact remains: independently published authors are making huge advances to offer themselves credibility, and they are working hard to establish a fan-base and following for their work. As more and more traditionally published authors are discovering, the workload and post-publishing responsibilities are the same. Getting a book published is only step one—whether self-published or not—but ongoing book promotion, marketing and publicity are critical towards creating a lasting career as an author. But as many self-published authors are finding, the venues for effective promotion aren’t always there.

But there is good news for the independent author, who at times can feel alone as they venture towards creating success. Earlier this year Ozuna Publications launched a LIVE streaming Internet talk show (formerly The Soul of Humanity show) designed to promote and publicize the world of independent artists, specifically Indie authors. As part of the Artist First Radio Network, The Bobby Ozuna Show has since captivated an average online audience of over 10,000+ LIVE listeners per week. What began as a means to help promote my own efforts to publicize my novel Proud Souls, has since streamlined into a community of listeners—readers, authors, aspiring authors and dreamers alike—all together in one mind, of one accord in hopes of providing ourselves a grander stage. In spite of what opportunities may have been lacking on my journey as I began this quest some four years ago, today I offer my fellow self-published author an opportunity to spotlight, not only their books, but the side of their soul you cannot capture on paper or the back cover blurb of a book. In essence, The Bobby Ozuna Show is serving the creative wants, needs and desires of the self-published author and giving them a stage that is becoming one of the largest listening audiences for indie authors anywhere online.

Every edition of The Bobby Ozuna Show is broadcasted live over the World Wide Web and every show is then archived for later listening. Every guest will be forded a one-hour, commercial free spotlight to focus on aspects of their career to a huge listening audience, something they can’t always get because their books are self-published. The Bobby Ozuna Show is on pace to becoming one of the largest and most followed shows on the Artist First Radio Network. It’s not the host who makes the show so great, but the passion by which I choose to support and serve my fellow artist on their quest towards finding success. My hope is [that] every guest on The Bobby Ozuna Show will be forded an opportunity to share other aspects of themselves to possibly the right listener, at the right time, on the right stage to help launch their career to the next level.

As the demand for exposure increases every week, Ozuna Publications will be launching a follow-up show later this summer—The Independent Author—to stream live via the Blog Talk Radio network. This show will feature indie authors exclusively and also feature articles written about the self-publishing world. Presently, Ozuna Publications is offering a range of services to help promote and market guests and their books. These packages vary from simple guest spots to full marketing/press release packages. Every guest gets a feature spotlight on my blog, “Drawing Stories…With Words” as well as the Amazon widget (or general link to their online storefront). Also included are postings/updates on eleven various social networking websites. This is standard to any guest appearance. Our sponsor packages start as low as $500 per month and include banners on the homepage and Bobby’s blog. Each sponsor gets air advertisement read by Bobby Ozuna during either or both weekly shows. Both potential sponsors and interested guests can query Ozuna Publications and host, Bobby Ozuna, via email here: To catch archived broadcasts of the show you can navigate to the Artist First Radio Network homepage @ and from there select The Bobby Ozuna Show from the right-hand sidebar. You can meet upcoming guests online by subscribing to Bobby’s Blog, “Drawing Stories…With Words.”

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Chris Wood said...

I wish you the best of luck with it and hope all's going well.

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