Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great possibilities for the Indie Author

The quest of the independent author is a tough and sometimes, lonely road. There are thousands of books published each year and many of them perhaps aren't worthy of true publication. Others unfortunately are tossed by the wayside and disregarded or worse, because those authors didn't or were not able to land a traditional publisher neglected. As my friend Dennis Batchelder pointed out on a recent Amazon discussion board, hundreds of thousands of books per published last year between the indie and traditional publishing worlds. With such a high number of new titles produced each year, it's hard to determine whether the quality of books is degrading with each passing year. My argument is this: Whether an author or their title is worthy of print publication, only time will determine whether that author stands a chance of being a career writer. The work is hard, the hours and commitment are long and still to establish oneself, a would-be career author has to think outside the box and discover ways to stand out in an overcrowded world.

For me this road has brought me many new challenges and with that, many small victories. I am pleased to announce some major changes within my organization--Ozuna Publications--with relation to what I can offer the literary world, especially independent authors. It has taken me a little over four years to establish myself within the literary world and in doing so, I have extended my abilities, services and expertise to more than simple story-telling.

For starters, my show, The Soul of Humanity, has now been changed to The Bobby Ozuna Show. Part of establishing yourself as a credible source of information, in any business, is working hard to build a mantra or brand for your name. What hurt me in the beginning by publishing Proud Souls under an obvious self-published imprint of Ozuna Publications has now become a center piece for my business. Ozuna Publications now features one of the biggest shows on The Artist First Radio Network. My show streams LIVE every Wednesday night and it is gathering a huge following and momentum for other indie authors. Not only do I offer a huge online world-wide listening platform but effective immediatley I am offering Press/Marketing packages to help advertise and promote each weekly guest. Those packages will be posted on my homepage: Ozunapub this week. On top of that, I am going to launch a spin-off show on Blog Talk Radio's network: The Independent Author. This show will stream LIVE every week and feature articles--written by indie authors and experts--pertinent to the world of self-publishing. I will also feature indie authors and discuss aspects of their careers.

Because my show is making huge advances with online listener support, I am pleased to announce various sponsorship rates. I will offer two sponsorship rates and one "author" plug rate for monthly air/online advertisement. The "author book plug:" feature will give an author the opportunity to spotlight their book's cover image on my blog, "Drawing Stories...With Words" and also give them a two-sentence blurb announced to my world-wide listening audience for one full month. This blurb will be announced on either The Bobby Ozuna Show or my new show, The Independent Author. For sponsors, the options for rates will vary between online and air advertisement between or in conjunction with both of my show.

Also, by working to learn the business of publishing and especially after studying the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler, I am now extending my Book Coach services to authors. I am accepting new submissions for potential clients. My services include plot/character development, light editorial services and insight into effective and longterm story-building techniques. No, there are no rules for writing, but yets, there are fundamental aspects that must be applied in every story, in order for them to be lasting, credible and worthy of a following.

Lastly, I will begin work with my new ghost-writing client this summer. I am taking query submissions for my ghost-writing services and those rates vary depending upon the size, nature and requirements of the book project.

You can query me via email here. I am excited about the opportunities God has given me and I am utilizing every gift, talent and ability to become a spokesman for the world of independent publishing. My hope is that within the next year, the names Bobby Ozuna and my organization, Ozuna Publications, can become a reputable force or exposure for the struggling and starving artist who considers the voices of their soul to become the staple by which they survive.

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna
Ozuna Publications

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Audio Transcription Service said...

Wonderful Bobby! Elaine

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks Elaine! I am trying to branch out and offer more help for others and also help solidify my expertise within the indie publishing world. I feel with the new added show--The Independent Author--and my Press Release packages, I can help boost my guests even further. My hope is to take The Bobby Ozuna Show to 20,000+ listeners per week by end of year!!!

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