Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Bobby Ozuna Show--May 26th, 2009

It's amazing how easily a simple query or question can open a door of opportunity if you just ask. The Bible says, You have not because you ask not and also says, Ask and it shall be given. Of course, both of these scriptures are relevant ONLY to the person who is diligently seeking the wisdom and insight of God. My journey in life has taken me through many paths, some right and some of my own free choosing, were the wrong ones. As I work to develop the skills, talents and gifts I have been blessed with, I learn a little more everyday how I can apply them to be a blessing to another person's life.

My show--The Bobby Ozuna Show--has been a blessing to many already. I have no doubt God has allowed me this opportunity to bless others as they venture to find their "place" within the world with relation to the gifts they were given. The Bible says all gifts come from Heaven above. And I believe we are responsible for sharing that gift with the world and if you do so, the world will share itself with you. In less than six months I have collected a huge support and audience for my show as part of the Artist First Radio Network and I am working diligently to reach greater numbers in hopes that each week's guest will have a platform as big as any traditional author on the market.

This week I will feature a man who needs no formal introduction within the indie literary world. Mr. John Kremer has been a spokesman for proper efforts, collaboration, networking and marketability of the independently published author. I asked him last week if he would accept an invitation to be a guest and without any delay, he said yes. If you are one of those people who (for some reason) don't know who Mr. Kremer is, well, he is the author of several marketing books, but the most well known being: 1,000 Ways to Market your Books.

I hope you join me tomorrow night (Wedneday May 17th) @ 7PM CST via Artist First Radio Network as I discuss aspects or proper self promotion and marketing from a man who shares so much insight for those looking to follow the voice within their souls. Simply click on the LISTEN LIVE/On Air button to stream the show.

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~Bobby Ozuna

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