Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let's Be Friends Award and Recognition

It is difficult at times to press onward and find the energy to work so hard to become inspiration, hope and encouragement for the world...when at times you feel as though you can find none within yourself or the labors of your art. I think this is what determines true (worthy) character in a person. I also know it is something that comes in time. Being a Christian I can't help but consider the scripture that says, "The trying of our faith works patience..." For me, I have labored over the past few years to learn this indie publishing business...and within it...become encouragement and support for others. I am thankful today that my friend, Joy Collins of JOYFUL THOUGHTS blog has recognized my blog for an award of sheer giving...

Thank you so much Joy! It is such a blessing to help and serve others...even at times when we feel (or as I may feel) as though nothing is served in return. We don't help others to get famous...or receive awards such as this...we do it because it is in us to serve and help the soul of the world. BUT, it sure is nice to receive recognition for your labors...because after all...with all the time spent working, studying, researching and learning--in an effort to give back to others--it can seem exhausting and sometimes...disregarded or unworthy of your efforts.

I am thankful for this day. I am thankful for my gifts. And I am thankful for the people I have come to call friend and in whom I serve...

Thank you so much!!!

To read Joy's blog, follow this URL.

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"The Book Coach"--June 23rd, 2009

"The Book Coach"--June 23rd, 2009

When drafting a realistic fictional story, you must incorporate real scenarios, feelings, emotions, struggles and accomplishments, in the life and journey of your character--or hero--in order for your audience to easily relate to them and identify with them. This is the critical aspect of hooking an audience and keeping a reader's attention.

Part of my work as a "book coach" is assisting authors and offering them insight into the common pattern of struggle all humans undergo in order to bring about change. Your story--and the journey of your hero in your story--must undergo some form of change over the course of the story--or you essentially, have no story to follow. Every epic tale, mythological story and classic work of fiction encompasses certain aspects of the human struggle that makes it easy to readily identify with an audience. Because we all relate to emotions and feelings of love, hate, anger, joy, release and feelings of capture (among countless others), when your character shares these types of emotions and states of being, then you make it easier for an audience to either like or despise your hero. It doesn't matter what the reader feels in the opening of a story, so long as they feel something that can relate to the character. As your story progresses, so too should the hero's internal and external character. If your hero is bitter and hateful towards the world, and you bring about a journey that forces them to learn a new perspective, see life through a different point-of-view, etc., then you would have accomplished the primary focus of reading or following a story to begin with. This is one scenario and there are countless others you could incorporate into your tale. The objective is however, for you as the artist to use your creativity to identify a problem that forces the hero and story into motion, create common feelings towards accepting the call, and then ensure they undergo challenges, setbacks and adversity in which they must overcome.

You should ask yourself these types of questions when creating you protagonist:

What is it they love and treasure the most? What do they despise the most about their surroundings? What is troubling them? What inner torment do they carry in their heart? What has brought them to the place where we meet them? What force (internal or external) forces them out of their comfort zone and into the unknown world?

You should ask yourself the who, what, when, where, why and how in relation to building backdrop and future endeavors for your hero. You should then pose conflict (internal or external) that will force the hero to undergo change...good or bad...right or wrong. If you can add this drama to your storyline, you are then on your way to creating effective, realistic struggle and accomplishment for your hero. And that is how you begin working to draft a realistic fictional tale and characters.


If your book is in need of help--either in storyline, plot structure or character development--contact me to learn more about my book coach services. My rates vary depending upon the job depth and type of work you are creating. You can learn more about sending an email inquiry HERE.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

"The Story Behind the Story"--June 22nd 2009

"The Story Behind the Story, an Author Interviewed" Q & A session is my new measure to help the world of independent authors and publishers. If you have released your own book and are looking for ways to promote your efforts, your book and your soul as the creator of your work, contact me HERE to book your online interview on this blog, "Drawing Stories...With Words."


To start this segment (of course not knowing whether I would get any interest), I went to my friend, literary companion and kindred soul...Melissa M. Williams of LongTale Publishing.

Q. What is the title of your book?
A. Iggy the Iguana. Oh, and Summer League is my new sequel releasing July 1st, 2009!

Q. What genre is your book? Who would you consider your audience?
A. Juvenile Fiction (Middle Grade Chapter Book) ages 7 ~ 11--male & female

Q. In 50 words or less, tell us what your book is about.
A. Iggy the Iguana is a fun loving story about the challenges and experiences elementary school animals go through while growing up. Whether you are the new lizard at school, the only animal of your kind in class, or have to deal with the stresses of little sisters, secret crushes, and classroom bullies, you will definitely find a character to relate to in this story!

Q. Apart from being an author, who are you in relation to your gifts?
A. I am a giver of insight and knowledge...a promoter of passion and dreams...and a representative of giving back what God has given to me.

Q. Why did you choose to write this particular book?
A. I have been writing this story since I was eight years-old. I had to write this book, because I will never be one of those people who say, "I shoulda, coulda, woulda."

Q. How much of your personal psyche, your struggle and your insecurities are hidden within the characters of this particular story?
A. I definitely show up in all of my fictional (animal) characters. Iggy had an anxiety issue and a fear of public I did in the past. he represents my insecurities, yet he is a leader and constantly overcomes challenges. The major influences in my life have shaped me to be this way as well. Molly has a huge imagination and is known for being a brat and as charged! Snap Shell shows my open-minded and philosophical perspective to life and a constant need to have big dreams. Kit Kay is definitely the goofy side of my personality. And Liz, well, she stands for the type of gal and qualities I hope others see in me...caring...accepting...and easy to get along with.

Q. Apart from writing stories, in which direction do you envision your career heading and what do you plan to bring to the literary world outside producing new stories?
A. In the years to come, I will be developing my name as a public speaker, promoting literacy for our youth, encouraging others to listen to their inner intuition and use their God given gifts to follow their passion and dreams. I have always seen myself as a teacher, so eventually the insight gained in the literary world will fuel my desire to write for adults as well.

Q. Who would you say is your literary mentor?
A. An author and dear friend of mine, Elaine Acker.

Q. What has been your greatest inner struggle to overcome with relation to your literary career?
A. The constant inner need to be perfect...the imaginary timeline that is my greatest tool and worst enemy...the balance between being an artist and a business woman while trying to stay sane at the same time. My struggles are often the things that I love one day and hate the next.

Q. What words would you like to leave the world when you are gone?

A. Stand apart and be like no one else. God has made each of us extremely unique, so find what He wants for you and do it...never stopping to settle!

You can stay connected, meet and greet or connect with our feature author, Melissa M. Williams of LongTale Publishing by following any one of her URL's below.

If you would like to feature your author's Q & A session or book your own interview, please contact Bobby Ozuna HERE.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"The Bobby Ozuna Show"--June 17th, 2009

"The Bobby Ozuna Show"--June 17th, 2009

I will feature my friend, literary companion and inclusion author for my next book tonight on The Bobby Ozuna Show: Melissa M. Williams of LongTale Publishing. She is the author of the children's chapter-book series, Iggy the Iguana and as you will see, a true inspiration and sample of success in the indie publishing world.
Melissa M. Williams is offering a "Children's Writing and Illustration Camp" next week in Houston, Texas. We will discuss three scholarships she is giving away to three lucky children in the Houston, TX area and also discuss aspects of her second release in the Iggy the Iguana children's chapter-book series: Summer League. Lastly, we will discuss her brand-building and concepts that have helped her create true literary self-publishing success.

She will be giving away three scholarships to children in the Houston, Texas area, insterested in attenting the writing and illustration camp. So, you won't want to miss this interview!

To learn more about the creative writing camp or to contact Melissa M. Williams, follow this URL:
LongTale Publishing CREATIVE WRITING & ILLUSTRATION CAMP for children

Show Time:     7pm CST, via Artist First Radio Network
Show Place:    The Bobby Ozuna Show on Artist First Radio Network
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Talking Points for June 17th, 2009

*The Quest of the Independent Author, inclusion chapter for indie authors

Monday, June 15, 2009

Who are you in relation to your gifts?

If you had to define your life, based on the gifts you were given at birth, how would you share that with the world?

In working to complete my non-fiction book project, The Quest of the Independent Author, I felt inclined to include a chapter of inspiration, hope and encouragement. I have extended the invitation to my peers within the literary community, fans and friends from my blog and various social networking sites and lastly, to anyone interested in sharing their thoughts on the subject. The inclusion chapter for my book will be entitled: My Quest in Search of Me. I have asked anyone interested in sharing their thoughts to answer one question:

Who are you in relation to your gifts? Essentially the question is, how does your gifts and the manner in which you share them in your art and struggle to come to terms with them in your life define your existence?

I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts. If you are interested in seeing your blurb posted in my upcoming non-fiction book, The Quest of the Independent Author, then please, after posting your thoughts here on this blog, send me an email with a copy of that response HERE. I will compile a list of quotables to share in my book. Please, for the sake of structure, keep the responses between three and five sentences.

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

Saturday, June 13, 2009

"The Irony of independent publishing"

"The Independent Author"--June 13th, 2009

(Excerpt from The Quest of the Independent Author CONCEPT chapter)

"The irony behind the concept of being an independent author is this: Apart from drafting your story, there is nothing done independently when working as a self-published author. But on the contrary, like any major trade publisher, you will have to involve other individuals, peers and professionals alike, to help bind your existence into one brand that becomes symbolic with what you are doing as an author—as a representative and expert for your work. As John Donne said, “No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” You will not be able to accomplish anything in this literary world alone. So please, don’t be fooled by the paradox in this title which has been dubbed for those who choose to work apart from the traditional publishing conglomerates. You will have to venture outside your comfort zone, extend your hand to meet new people and in that process, create the success that later on will isolate you from the masses as a truly, independent artist."

I'd love to have your thoughts. This is a segment of the Concept chapter from my new non-fiction title: The Quest of the Independent Author. I have not yet decided if I will seek representation for this title, or whether I will publish it myself. But either way, the manuscript will be complete and ready for print by end of Summer, 2009

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

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Friday, June 12, 2009

"The Independent Author"--June 12th, 2009

Standing at the Crossroads of Your Life

There comes a time in everyone's life when we find ourselves standing at critical crossroads of our existence. Movies have been made, stories have been written and poems and songs are sung to romanticize this symbolic event that is not partial to one individual over the other. No matter what your present circumstance, your financial, ethnic, political or even spiritual background may be, you will come to an intersection in your life's journey where you have to make a choice. And despite what film or fantasy may do in an attempt to draw this moment as a lonely intersection of potential paths--possible choice in your future--it is in the end, an overcrowded place. This I believe is a moment where many people drop their packs, lay down their arms or throw them up in submission and just settle in. I see the crossroads as an overpopulated section of life where many people succumb to defeat and occupy it as a sort of home, in spite of ever having to make the critical choices that will alter that life forever. I have come to this place many times before--whether it was in a relationship, a family matter in a role as father or husband, relative to some or friend to others--and despite dreaming of a way around it, I have had to make choices. In the end, we all do. That I think is what makes this moment in our lives so difficult; it's the part of life that becomes hard or scary. But rest assured, you are not alone.

In relation to my career, I have once again found myself at the crossroads of my life. I have asked aloud in prayer, "Why am I here?" And "What am I doing here?" The quest of the independent author is a story of struggle and hope. The obstacles we face are the dragons that define our courage; the  small victories in the grand battle in pursuit of a dream are what the world calls success. You are not alone when you feel as though everything you are trying, while working to define your life in relation to your gifts, seems as though it just isn't working out. I am no different than you when I say, the pathway to success--or the road to fame and fortune as others might call it--is a long and lonely road. Many things will be lost along the way. Many of the things you hoped to find, will not be there when you reach the pinnacle of your success. People will doubt you and they will challenge your willingness to dream. But dream you must...

You must believe in yourself and more importantly, spend time alone so that you can discover your true self. It is the adversity of life that introduces you to your true self--to who you really are. Take what you have been given and give it back to the world. Offer your songs, your stories, your poems, paintings and your life to the world and the world will open itself to you and give back all you have given and all you have lost. There are no coincidences when you are traveling the true road. There is no luck--good or bad. Your efforts, your study, your diligence to push towards your goals is rewarded, not overnight but every night you dare to pursue your dream. It takes time, like a garden takes time to grow....but rest assured, the world will water the seeds you have sown, and the sun will pierce the blanket of earth you have used to cover it, to nurture it and in time, it will grow. And the fruit of your labors will become the flower, the fragrance and the beauty the world has been longing for...

You have to both protect and defend your heart and your dream. To cast your beauty before those who do not yet understand the depth of your existence is to lay the lamb to slaughter. Share your vision sparingly and let your struggle and perseverance become the testament to your life and to your purpose. One day your garden will grow and it is then people will stop in wonder at the beauty you have become.  Sit and meditate and consider the vision for your future and work to discover HOW to make that vision a reality. Artist are visionaries and we are responsible to learning how to overcome adversity, so that we can become hope for others. It is a burden you will bear all your life and you cannot avoid it. What you can do instead it rise to the occasion, slay the demon of doubt and only visit the crossroads for a moment but do not make it your home.
Subscribe to this blog to read more about "The Quest of the Independent Author." It is a book that will inspire you to become the best you can, with relation to the gifts you have been given...

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Author Tweed Scott on The Bobby Ozuna Show LIVE

"The Bobby Ozuna Show"--June 10th, 2009

Tonight I will feature author Tweed Scott, LIVE on The Bobby Ozuna Show. He is an author, public speaker and President of the Writer's League of Texas. Tonight we will discuss his publishing endeavors, get the story behind-the-story to his wonderful non-fiction title--Texas In Her Own Words--and lastly discuss his work within the publishing and literary community. You surely won't want to miss this interview...
You can post questions for my guest, Mr. Tweed Scott, here on this blog tonight. You can also connect with him via Twitter and Facebook. Also, to learn more about him, check out his homepage.

Show Time:     7PM CST
Show Place:   The Bobby Ozuna Show, on Artist First Radio Network
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...supporting the independent arts...
~Bobby Ozuna
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's a book coach and how do I get one?

The Book Coach

There is more to writing a story, than just...well....writing a story!!! Have you ever found yourself inspired to create a new story masterpiece and then somewhere in between "Once upon a time.." and "The end" you just lose yourself, or rather, your characters seem to lose their way? There is help and trust me when I say, you are not alone...

Crafting a story is like painting. Anyone can put colors on a canvas, but that (in the end) doesn't make it a story--or art for that matter. Part of learning to perfect our craft--our art--is learning there are certain fundamental aspects that must be applied in every story in order for them to be effective. Stories that stand the test of time are those created by authors and story-tellers who knew how to grasp those key concepts. Understanding them takes patience and anyone can learn these concepts but applying them takes time. In this business, we don't always have "time" and therefore have to get help or assistance from others. By freeing up our time in having others help us, we are able to continue working to create new material. It doesn't make you less of an artist or professional for seeking help, it actually makes you a better artist in the long run.

One of the services I offer other authors is my "book coach" service. What I offer is story-writing insight based on mythological studies, philosophical studies of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and screenplay structure work learned from Christopher Vogler. I also offer insight into the longevity of your career with relation to story edits and critiques. I offer consideration for author and story brand building as well as, standard punctuation and grammatical assistance, all for an affordable cost.

I get many solicitations for this service and I have to be selective with whom I choose to offer my assistance. If you are serious about enhancing your story depth and character strength, then you need to start reading the stories that have lasted and stood the test of time. Pickup a copy of "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" by Joseph Campbell or "The Writer's Journey" by Christopher Vogler. If you don't have the time or don't wish to learn character development to that depth, then hire a book coach or a story assistant...someone who can determine what is lacking from your story to help see it along.

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

Book Coach Services are based and quoted on a submission-by-submission basis. To have your work considered to determine what is missing from your story, or get a quote, you can query Bobby Ozuna here.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

"The Quest of the Independent Author"--June 6, 2009

"The Quest of the Independent Author" by Bobby Ozuna (excerpt)

The following is a brief excerpt from my new non-fiction title, scheduled for release this summer. If you share the artists' spirit, please share your comments here...


If I had to sum up the heart of the struggle in pursuit of a dream, those words are said best by Mr. Jeff Olsen, author of "The Slight Edge, Secret to a Successful Life" when he said, "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal...[which] means success is a process, not a destination." In dealing with the agony and often overwhelming heartache that accompanies any venture outside the normality's of everyday life, the concept of "success" can seem elusive and perhaps even reserved for a select few--but not for all. If we considered the people who dared to dream higher than the clouds, to create a life many would only dream of themselves, one can't help but wonder what special tricks or magic they performed to get there. What did they do or what did they know that helped them arrive at the top of this mystical mountain called success?

As an independent author I wanted to know--I had to know--the ansewr to that very question so I could apply it into my own life. Like all people in search of something different I tried to bypass the inevitable--the struggle that accompanies any quest towards enlightenment and absolution. But I learned this is not possible. There is no testimony, or evidence of our existence without a test. There is no victory without adversity and there is no change without a journey. Artists are not stagnant creatures, lifeless as a pond, but free flowing waters, always on the move, whether in our life or within the depths of our minds, pushing towards a greater body of water. We will never conform or never be comfortable unless we are moving towards the creative struggle that brings about our true spirit--our true identity. It is the heart of the artists' spirit in relation to their journey that is captured within our art--the deep shadows within our paintings, the sadness and joy within our music, the triumph within our stories and the cultured beauty and understanding within our poetry. Because of the roads we have traveled--where we have been and what we have seen--and our common understanding of human struggle as a result of our predetermined path--we are thereby truly able to identify with a greater mass of people.


The Bible says all good gifts come from heaven above. Understanding this will help pave the way for future success in relation to your gifts. We don't write books to make money or to purposely become rich and famous. To take that attitude is to set oneself up for immediate and daily failure. When you don't become successful in relation to a dollar amount, you feel less inspired to become your best. If you instead measured your existence with relation to your gifts as a further extension of your life, and learn to apply it and offer it up to the world on a daily and continual basis, to become Inspiration, Example and Motivation for others, then your life will become more enriched. And yes, in time your life will generate value and that value always becomes monetary. But there are stages within the journey you must learn to understand, and if you do grasp them, in relation to my journey and the journey of others shared within this book, then you will be better prepared to offer yourself a living sacrifice to the world.

You as an artist--as an author--have reason, substance and purpose. You have responsibility to share your gifts and your passions with the world. It is by your efforts to venture into the uncharted waters of life, to face the Goliath, to challenge the enemy at the gate and not yield when faced with great adversity, that you set the example for the world. You are more than the books you write. You are everything about the struggle, the perseverance, and the reward. Your book is one aspect of your existence. Identifying the other qualities and attributes, which help pave the way for others to keep pressing forward, is what solidifies your purpose in relation to your gifts.

If I had to explain the purpose of the struggle, the joy of overcoming and the mental preparation required to keep going--to continue the process of success in your life--I would say this: "You are writing the story of your life, by living the story of your life." Your book is only one aspect of your existence and my hope is that this book (The Quest of the Independent Author), the experiences shared, the examples given, the people you meet and the justification found within the pages--will help you find your place, not as a mere author, but as a writer, a poet, a teacher, a mentor, counselor, speaker, inspiration and guidance to others and in the end--an artist--a blessed child of God who is not afraid to offer your soul to the betterment of the world.


Remember, we as artists were made to suffer. We suffer to appreciate the victory. We suffer so that our soul becomes isolated from the world, enough so that we can discover who we are in relation to our gifts. We suffer so that we can empathize with, show compassion for and sympathize with a world waiting for our expereinces shared through our art. We exist in our struggle so that the world can uniquely identify with life through our artwork. So be encouraged and of good spirit, and be thankful that you are (still) being tested to begin with...because that's how you know you are on the right path towards creating true literary  and artistic success.


Be sure to subscribe to this blog to receive further previews, updates and news regarding this new book by Bobby Ozuna, "The Quest of the Independent Author."

I'd love to hear your comments...and I am looking for examples by other authors to share in this upcoming non-fiction title...

~Bobby Ozuna

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"The Bobby Ozuna Show" features Andrew Cort LIVE!

Tonight I will feature Andrew Cort, author of "Return to Meaning." We will discuss the various spiritual and religious aspects of his works and of course, his journey of creating success in his life.

Show Date & Time:  7PM CST: The Bobby Ozuna Show via Artist First Radio Network
*Simply click the Listen Live button*

You can view Dr. Andrew Cort and learn more about his books and his career via his homepage.

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