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"The Quest of the Independent Author"--June 6, 2009

"The Quest of the Independent Author" by Bobby Ozuna (excerpt)

The following is a brief excerpt from my new non-fiction title, scheduled for release this summer. If you share the artists' spirit, please share your comments here...


If I had to sum up the heart of the struggle in pursuit of a dream, those words are said best by Mr. Jeff Olsen, author of "The Slight Edge, Secret to a Successful Life" when he said, "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal...[which] means success is a process, not a destination." In dealing with the agony and often overwhelming heartache that accompanies any venture outside the normality's of everyday life, the concept of "success" can seem elusive and perhaps even reserved for a select few--but not for all. If we considered the people who dared to dream higher than the clouds, to create a life many would only dream of themselves, one can't help but wonder what special tricks or magic they performed to get there. What did they do or what did they know that helped them arrive at the top of this mystical mountain called success?

As an independent author I wanted to know--I had to know--the ansewr to that very question so I could apply it into my own life. Like all people in search of something different I tried to bypass the inevitable--the struggle that accompanies any quest towards enlightenment and absolution. But I learned this is not possible. There is no testimony, or evidence of our existence without a test. There is no victory without adversity and there is no change without a journey. Artists are not stagnant creatures, lifeless as a pond, but free flowing waters, always on the move, whether in our life or within the depths of our minds, pushing towards a greater body of water. We will never conform or never be comfortable unless we are moving towards the creative struggle that brings about our true spirit--our true identity. It is the heart of the artists' spirit in relation to their journey that is captured within our art--the deep shadows within our paintings, the sadness and joy within our music, the triumph within our stories and the cultured beauty and understanding within our poetry. Because of the roads we have traveled--where we have been and what we have seen--and our common understanding of human struggle as a result of our predetermined path--we are thereby truly able to identify with a greater mass of people.


The Bible says all good gifts come from heaven above. Understanding this will help pave the way for future success in relation to your gifts. We don't write books to make money or to purposely become rich and famous. To take that attitude is to set oneself up for immediate and daily failure. When you don't become successful in relation to a dollar amount, you feel less inspired to become your best. If you instead measured your existence with relation to your gifts as a further extension of your life, and learn to apply it and offer it up to the world on a daily and continual basis, to become Inspiration, Example and Motivation for others, then your life will become more enriched. And yes, in time your life will generate value and that value always becomes monetary. But there are stages within the journey you must learn to understand, and if you do grasp them, in relation to my journey and the journey of others shared within this book, then you will be better prepared to offer yourself a living sacrifice to the world.

You as an artist--as an author--have reason, substance and purpose. You have responsibility to share your gifts and your passions with the world. It is by your efforts to venture into the uncharted waters of life, to face the Goliath, to challenge the enemy at the gate and not yield when faced with great adversity, that you set the example for the world. You are more than the books you write. You are everything about the struggle, the perseverance, and the reward. Your book is one aspect of your existence. Identifying the other qualities and attributes, which help pave the way for others to keep pressing forward, is what solidifies your purpose in relation to your gifts.

If I had to explain the purpose of the struggle, the joy of overcoming and the mental preparation required to keep going--to continue the process of success in your life--I would say this: "You are writing the story of your life, by living the story of your life." Your book is only one aspect of your existence and my hope is that this book (The Quest of the Independent Author), the experiences shared, the examples given, the people you meet and the justification found within the pages--will help you find your place, not as a mere author, but as a writer, a poet, a teacher, a mentor, counselor, speaker, inspiration and guidance to others and in the end--an artist--a blessed child of God who is not afraid to offer your soul to the betterment of the world.


Remember, we as artists were made to suffer. We suffer to appreciate the victory. We suffer so that our soul becomes isolated from the world, enough so that we can discover who we are in relation to our gifts. We suffer so that we can empathize with, show compassion for and sympathize with a world waiting for our expereinces shared through our art. We exist in our struggle so that the world can uniquely identify with life through our artwork. So be encouraged and of good spirit, and be thankful that you are (still) being tested to begin with...because that's how you know you are on the right path towards creating true literary  and artistic success.


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I'd love to hear your comments...and I am looking for examples by other authors to share in this upcoming non-fiction title...

~Bobby Ozuna


lost butterfly said...

Working on a few things myself, I clearly realize how important it is to have resources available for the independent author. As you know, getting published is a long hard road and one full of obstacles. I wish it were easier, however, we both know it likely will never be easy. Therefore the need for such a thing.

Great idea!

Cheryl Tardif, author and book marketing coach said...

Hey Bobby,

Your article is very interesting. I think that authors who have seen immense success (and I'm thinking the recognizable names like Stephen King, JK Rowling etc) had an element of luck on their side.

Yes, they're talented writers but their works came out when people were looking for those genres, and they succeeded in finding agents and/or publishers to support them.

On that note, I have a new novel, my debut romance novel in progress, over at and I really need some votes. If I'm lucky, you and all your guests here will pop by and click on the "thumbs up" for Lancelot's Lady. :-)

Vote for Lancelot's Lady now

All the best in luck and success!

Cheryl Kaye Tardif
bestselling author of Whale Song

Bobby Ozuna said...

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your feedback. My hope is [that] this title, "The Quest of the Independent Author" will become support for those trying to find a means to establish themselves. Just because we have learned the steps and have overcome the obstacles, doesn't mean everyone does. You know?

As far as getting the word about we book your guest appearance on The Bobby Ozuna Show???

I have the President of the Writer's League of Texas this week and Melissa Williams the next week. I had John Kremer on the show two weeks ago and my audience is growing... Let me know what you think!

Bobby Ozuna said...

Lost Butterfly:
Thanks for the kudos...and yes, let me say, I have come to realize it will never be easy...but I believe now (looking back at my own life's path) it wasn't meant to be easy...we would never write our best, draw or paint our best or sing our best for the world, if we never had to persevere....

Stay in touch with me! I appreciate you reading this post. I will be asking for various perspectives from time to time, so I can share them within the new book....

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