Monday, June 15, 2009

Who are you in relation to your gifts?

If you had to define your life, based on the gifts you were given at birth, how would you share that with the world?

In working to complete my non-fiction book project, The Quest of the Independent Author, I felt inclined to include a chapter of inspiration, hope and encouragement. I have extended the invitation to my peers within the literary community, fans and friends from my blog and various social networking sites and lastly, to anyone interested in sharing their thoughts on the subject. The inclusion chapter for my book will be entitled: My Quest in Search of Me. I have asked anyone interested in sharing their thoughts to answer one question:

Who are you in relation to your gifts? Essentially the question is, how does your gifts and the manner in which you share them in your art and struggle to come to terms with them in your life define your existence?

I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts. If you are interested in seeing your blurb posted in my upcoming non-fiction book, The Quest of the Independent Author, then please, after posting your thoughts here on this blog, send me an email with a copy of that response HERE. I will compile a list of quotables to share in my book. Please, for the sake of structure, keep the responses between three and five sentences.

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna


ellen in atlanta said...

The gift of the arts is etched in your soul and when you see/feel kindred spirits, you do all in your power to let their Light shine as brightly as yours.
We are united together through the gifts of the arts.
ellen george

Yale said...

Bobby, I once attended a leadership seminar sponsored by a large corporation (then my employer). Topics ranged from situational leadership, managing tough situations and management styles. Through a progression of exercises, the instructors distilled a profile of each our tendencies. While most of my peers were dictatorial, democratic, or consensus seekers, the instructors called me a Tribal Chief. Instead of ordering people as to what and how to perform, I was more likely to craft a story with a moral that employees could comprehend, prodding them to make the decision that aligned with the story. Looking back, I have used this style to raise my kids, to support my marriage and to “manage” my client base. Based on the reviews of my novel, my strength as a writer is not the prose, vocabulary or the rhythm – I simply told a great story. So, I believe that my gift is one practiced by many cultures – I am a storyteller.

Yale R Jaffe
Advantage Disadvantage

Shades of Gay said...

I have long believed my ministry gift is ENCOURAGEMENT. I had thought about being a counselor, but I didn't want to go back to school at this point in my life, and had some other reasons why it wouldn't work out.

So instead, I write.

I believe very strongly in the Jewish ideal of Tikkun Olam: repair the world. Everything I write is an attempt to make the world a little better.

I write young adult novels. Right now I am especially concerned with the LGBT teen community. 1 out of 3 teen/young adult suicides is LGBT-related (either the young person was non-heterosexual or was picked on for being perceived to be so). I want to change that, and am using the novels I write to, as Harvey Milk asked the LGBT community to do, "give them hope".

My work so far has also touched on childhood trauma and disability, especially autism. I hope to write more on these important topics as my career progresses.

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