Sunday, July 26, 2009

"My Quest in Search of Me" FREE lecture, Fort Worth, Texas

FREE lecture in Fort Worth, Texas with author, public speaker and Internet talk show host, Bobby Ozuna

“My Quest in Search of Me—Creating True Success by Utilizing your God-given Gifts”

If you wish to learn how to best utilize the gifts and talents God has bestowed upon your life, to discover “reason” and “purpose” for your life, you will not want to miss this lecture!

Focus on this lecture will come from the six key concepts and sections of my new book, “My Quest in Search of Me—Creating True Success by Utilizing Your God-given Gifts.” My vision for this book and my lecture(s) is to offer insight into how you present your gifts to the world, thereby creating success by allowing God to open doors for your opportunities. By learning to understand the process of creating success, with a serving spirit, you will discover purpose and reason for your life and become available to greater opportunities on your journey. By understanding your life’s journey, you will be better prepared to deal with the struggle that comes with pursuing a dream.

“You are writing the story of your life, by living the story of your life.” ~Bobby Ozuna

Lecture Outline:

Introduction with a story about “The Boy and His Garden”
I. The Vision—Who are you in relation to your gifts?
II. Your Goals—Learn the concepts of “creating” success
III. Planning & Preparation—Study to show thyself approved
IV. Doing the Work—the theory of “invisible results”
V. Building Credibility—Establishing Your “Brand”
VI. Giving “it” Back—the Serving Spirit for the soul of humanity
Session closes with open Q & A with audience

*The concepts and approach for this lecture deal with creating true and lasting success, based on biblical teachings and the philosophy of the serving spirit.*

Seating Is Limited!!!

Event Date: Friday, August 7th | 7PM ~ 9PM CST
Event Location: The Holiday Inn Express (Fossil Creek) “Meeting Room”
6351 North Freeway, Fort Worth, Texas 76131 | 817-234-9033
RSVP: via email to

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