Monday, November 30, 2009

Illustrator Ryan Shaw featured LIVE on "The Indie Author Show" with Bobby Ozuna

I am pleased to announce my feature LIVE interview this week with children's book illustrator--Ryan Shaw of Ryan Shaw Illustrations.

If you are an author of children's literature or an aspiring author of children's literature in need of a good book illustrator, you will want to listen in to tonight's episode of The Indie Author Show on blogtalkradio network as we discuss the process for acquiring and working with an illustrator to further enhance your children's book.

To listen live tonight, Monday, NOvember 30th, 2009, click the URL below. You can also listen to the show via archive download, 30 minutes after the show has aired live.

Illustrator Ryan Shaw on The Indie Author Show with Bobby Ozuna

To book your LIVE guest appearance on The Indie Author Show with Bobby Ozuna or have your book or book service "plugged" LIVE on the air, contact Bobby Ozuna via email.

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Ozuna Publications Press-Release Service

One of the most important aspects of marketing and promoting a product--whether that product is a book, CD or the actual artist themselves--is creating and maintaining an online presence. If you wish to establish credibility and visibility online, you will need to learn how to write or publish press-releases on a continual basis.

Press Releases are ideal for promoting an event, such as a book premier or CD release party, a new book in a series, or event pertinent to what an author may be conducting within their career.

Ozuna Publications is offering a press-release service, for indie authors and independent musicians and bands, to help further promote their efforts to create success in their respective markets.

The fee for one press-release is $50 USD. Each customer can guarantee to receive, at a minimum 150 hits/view, per press-release. These press-releases will also be written to target specific audiences, such as the community/local newspaper where their event or business is established. A well written press-release can hit Google or Yahoo news and Bobby Ozuna has been able to write such press releases for his clients in the past. The greater online exposure, the greater possibility for follow-up articles, reviews and interviews.

To order your press release, contact Bobby Ozuna HERE.

To view a sample press-release, click HERE.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New book reviews of children's literature written "by kids, for kids!"

Babygirl's Book Reviews book reviews for kids by kidsNew book reviews of children's literature written "by kids, for kids!"

My son Dominic (8) and my daughter Elizabeth (14) have each posted their first professional book reviews on the website dedicated to supporting the efforts of indie publishers and authors of children's literature. You can view the two new reviews on their website: Babygirl's Book

If you are an author, publisher or representative of a children's book published independently, feel free to contact either Elizabeth or Dominic to have your book considered for review here.

In their first week of business, they have received 8 books signed by authors and are working diligently to learn the review process and post the most professional and worthy reviews they can, to better serve an industry from the perspective of its customer base--children!

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna

Book Marketing Consultant

Sunday, November 22, 2009

"The Indie Author Show" Presents Author Melissa M. Williams LIVE!

The Indie Author Show and host, Bobby Ozuna feature author/public speaker & indie publisher, Melissa M. Williams LIVE on Monday, November 23rd, 2009 @ 7PM CST.

The Indie Author Show with host, Bobby Ozuna

Be sure to catch this week's edition of The Indie Author Show on blog talk radio network with your host Bobby Ozuna, as we feature best-selling children's author Melissa M. Williams of LongTale Publishing.

Melissa is the author of the Iggy the Iguana children's chapter-book series for kids, co-founder to READ3Zero and owner of LongTale Publishing. Melissa has been able to turn an idea for a story, which started at the age of 8, into a publishing business that has been able to generate something most indie's have difficult creating: book sales. At her most recent book signing for Barnes & Noble, Melissa was able to sale 120 books to her fans and is close to selling 1,000 books in her most recent 90-day marketing plan with Ozuna Publications.

On Monday, November 23rd, 2009 @ 7PM CST, The Indie Author Show will discuss secrets to her book-selling success in the children's marketplace, discuss her approach to selling books to kids, her current short-story project with READ3Zero and also share insight into upcoming projects, her third book in her series--Turtle Town--and answer your questions.

Click below to follow the link to The Indie Author Showpage!

Iggy the Iguana chapter-book series

The Indie Author Show features a live "chat" with our guests and host and a call-in number, where you can pose your industry questions directly to our guests and hosts. Be sure to catch the live broadcast HERE on blog talk radio network!

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna
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*Bobby Ozuna is a private book marketing consultant, offering a range of services for indie authors & publishers. To contact Bobby Ozuna regarding his services and learn how he may benefit your publishing and selling needs, contact him here.*

Friday, November 20, 2009

"Drawing the Story"--November 20th, 2009

Help me write my first book!!!
One of the more significant questions posed to me is one I love answering more than any other type of question regarding this wondrous world of literature and publishing: How do I write? It is simple in just a few short words, but complex beyond the ability for people to see past their fears, insecurities and doubts. They say public speaking is (hu)mankinds biggest fear, even greater than the idea of death. But as I have worked to establish myself in this business with lectures, classes, articles and interviews, all in means to inspire countless others to tap into their creative soul, I have discovered just as many people afraid to put the pen to the paper and dare share their soul--be it in fiction or truth. This article will cover my approach to writing and hopefully help inspire, motivate and encourage you to get over that hump of doubt and spill forth your soul on paper, or as I like to say, begin "drawing stories...with words."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Indie Author, Melissa M. Williams breaks records sales at Barnes & Noble Book Signing!

Iggy the IguanaIn a business where expectations are high and actual results are relatively low, one indie author and publisher is making headway in an overcrowded industry and has most recently reached a pinnacle in book sales with Barnes & Noble.

If there has ever been one constant I have easily recognized in the countless forums and discussion boards on the Internet that deal specifically with indie publishing and authoring, it is this: It is hard and almost impossible at times to sale any significant amount of books. The business is overcrowded, the buyers determine the market when they have access to what they are wanting or think they want, and the big corporate conglomerates control the destiny and bottom line for book sales from the very precious few who actually land a traditional publishing contract. And although there are new and exciting authors emerging every day thanks to greater technologies and ease-of-use and functionality online, it is still very difficult to discover a method to obtain the overall objective of every author: book sales.

I am honored to say today however, that despite the odds and despite the roadblocks and the vast array of impossibilities, my client has transformed those odds into something we all long for, even deep down in our souls beyond the place where we simply, just love to write. I am proud to say the methods and strategies and philosophies I have presented, when actually put into practice have begun to produce the impossible: book sales in steady stream and flow and with of course, poetic flair and professional presence and credibility, not so much from what we believe, but what the consumer actually desires in an author--indie or traditional. They want to meet us, learn from us, become inspired by our passions and lastly, hold a signed book in their hands as they leave our presence to escape into imaginary worlds.

Melissa M. Williams

I began this most recent venture with LongTale Publishing less than three months ago, and in that time helped isolate and identify key areas where an author and indie publisher needs to focus to help establish credibility, online presence, marketability and of course, present a product worthy of the efforts it takes to create a finished book. With a web presence that was steady but relatively low and a desire that seemed to be lingering somewhere between overwhelming and hibernating, we at LongTale Publishing have transformed the presence of the other green reptile from that of a good book to one of pure desire in the youth of the Lone Star State. With close to 100 school visits in the past 13 months, author presentations, the agonizing but required book signings that conjure up greater costs in time than they produce in sales, and a steady stream of Press Releases and credible articles, interviews and practiced placement online, the Iggy the Iguana chapter-book series for kids has become an indie book publishers dream. What began as a dream for an eight year-old little girl in Houston, Texas has become the pinnacle of a desire to share something beautiful with kids. This new children's favorite in chapter-book series for kids is on its way to breaking another milestone: 1,000+ books in just under 90 days.

At her most recent book signing event at Barnes & Noble in  Houston, Texas, Melissa M. Williams was able to perform an almost impossible feat in the book signing business. With average numbers of celebratory success coming in at less than ten books per signing, Iggy the Iguana captivated the wondrous eyes and attention to children and parents alike in a book signing that closed with some 120+ books out the door. And it is unlikely that any of the remaining books in stock will be returned--another aspect that breaks the bank for indie publishers--but rather sheathed upon the shelves in anticipation for the next child in search of the "tale of a different kind."

With a strong web presence generating some 128+ visitors per day (a striking increase from the 200+ visitors per month just a season ago), Melissa M. Williams has been able to incorporate a business approach to selling books that has solidified her expertise of studied practice and learning of the previous five years, with steady online content, articles, guest appearances from other industry professionals and a new column on Houston's (e)newspaper, The West Side Story, all in efforts to establish the ever elusive brand which is required of any indie author wishing to establish a presence of sales and longevity.

To further enhance the three foundational pillars of LongTale Publishing--Literacy, Creativity, and Learning--Melissa M. Williams has co-founded a literacy foundation with yours truly, designed to nurture the creative and learning desires in our youth: READ3Zero. Presently, READ3Zero is accepting manuscript submissions for short stories written "by kids, for kids" through February 1st, 2010 for all children in the US (in and) between grades third through eighth. Next year LongTale Publishing will honor each of these winners in an anthology entitled: "I Write: Short-Stories By Kids, For Kids." By focusing on the creative aspects and desires of our youth, READ3Zero will allow a means for parents, community and educational leaders to re-establish and strengthen an enthusiasm in kids to learn again.
READ3ZeroWhen asked about her most recent sales spike and of course, her record breaking numbers from her Barnes & Noble book signing last night (Nov 18th, 2009), Melissa Williams said she was "in shock as much as she was comfortable." She went on to say, "I was amazed at the draw and at the same time, not surprised at all. I got into this business to sell books and when I think of book signings, I think of long lines with kids eager to learn about all things Iggy." When I asked her to elaborate on the secrets behind her sudden surge and rise in popularity, especially within the greater Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth area, Melissa says, "It's about the work. You have to be willing to work at this every day, for hours on end, with countless follow-up, constant event booking and of course, do it with passion, the very passion God put in your hart to succeed."

For a list of upcoming events, book signings, author visits and more, please be sure to stop by the official homepage for Melissa M. Williams. Also, to discover more insight into the book selling process and approach that has allowed LongTale Publishing to record breaking book sales within the indie book publishing business, you won't want to miss Melissa's LIVE one-hour interview with Bobby Ozuna on The Indie Author Show, Monday November 23rd, 2009 @ 7PM CST.

Melissa M. Williams featured LIVE on The Indie Author Show!

To book your author interview, school visit or author presentation, please contact Bobby Ozuna, online marketing manager for LongTale Publishing.

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna
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*Bobby Ozuna works as a private book marketing consultant for indie & small press authors.*

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

COMING SOON from Ozuna Publications: Babygirl's Book Reviews!

I am very excited and honored to say my daughter, Elizabeth, has joined the Ozuna Publications staff and she will feature her very own blog under Ozuna Publications where she will feature book reviews for chapterbooks, tween and young adult fiction novels. Babygirl's Book Reviews will go LIVE this weekend where she will begin populating her very first written reviews and she will also be a special co-host on various segments of The Indie Author Show with her father, to discuss and share her latest book reviews.

So, for you indie authors who publish and write children's chapterbooks, young adult fiction and tween books, you can now start sending queries via email (or comment posts to this article) to have my 14 year old daughter Elizabeth spotlight and review your book on her (upcoming) new website: Babygirl's Book Reviews and quite possibly have that review featured on The Indie Author Show!

Stay tuned for more details!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Melissa M. Williams visits Scroggins Elementary School in Houston ISD

Monday, November 16, 2009

"The Story Behind the Story"--an Author Interviewed: Pat Bertram

"The Story Behind the Story--an Author Interviewed: Pat Bertram

This week I am featuring author Pat Bertram on my "Story Behind the Story" segment of my blog. Be sure to post some questions, connect with her online and share the interview with others!
Thanks Pat for accepting my invitation!

Author Pat Bertram featured on Bobby Ozuna's Blog @

Q. Let's start by introducing yourself.
My name is Pat Bertram. I was born in Colorado, and I’ve always lived here except for a very brief stay in Wisconsin. Daughter Am I is my third novel to be published by Second Wind Publishing, LLC. Also available are More Deaths Than One and A Spark of Heavenly Fire

Q. What genre is Daughter Am I? Who is your ideal audience?
Daughter Am I is being sold as mainstream, though it could just as easily be considered a mystery. My ideal audience is anyone who loves mysteries, old-time gangsters, and a bit of humor.

Q. In 150 words or less, what’s your book about?
When twenty-five-year-old Mary Stuart learns she inherited a farm from her recently murdered grandparents-grandparents her father claimed had died before she was born-she becomes obsessed with finding out who they were and why someone wanted them dead. Along the way she accumulates a crew of feisty octogenarians-former gangsters and friends of her grandfather. She meets and falls in love Tim Olson, whose grandfather shared a deadly secret with her great-grandfather. Now Mary and Tim need to stay one step ahead of the killer who is desperate to dig up that secret.

Q: Apart from being an author, who are you in relation to your gifts?
I’ve always been creative, and right now I’m focusing that creativity on the internet and promotion. I also have a life-long love of learning. Somehow, between the creativity and the learning, I hope to figure out how to sell a ton of books.

Q: Of all the stories you could have written…why did you choose to write this particular book?
Daughter Am I was the combination of two different stories I wanted to write. I’d read The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler, and the mythic journey so captured my imagination that I knew I had to write my own quest story. I also liked the idea of telling little-known truths about the mob, and I settled on the story of a young woman going in search of her past. As she listens to stories of old-time gangsters and bootleggers -- her mentors and allies -- she gradually discovers the truth of her heritage. I’ve always liked stories within stories.

Q: How much of your personal psyche, your struggle and your insecurities are hidden within the characters of this particular story? (Please elaborate)
To be honest, there is less of me in this book than my other novels, but Daughter Am I does reflect two of my struggles: my journey as a writer and my quest for identity, which perhaps come down to the same thing. My hero Mary isn’t a writer, but she does set out on a journey to discover who she is in relation to her unknown grandparents. I think the quest for identity is one of the strongest themes in books because it reflects two stages of life we all go through -- adolescence and obsolescence.

Q. Apart from writing stories, in which direction do you see your career heading and what will you bring to the literary world outside producing new stories.
I’m involved with several writing groups, and I’m developing a following for my blog. I’d like to think I’m bringing generosity of spirit to the literary world by sharing what I’m learning on my seemingly impossible journey to becoming a self-supporting author.

Q. What writer influenced you the most?
My biggest influence was Taylor Caldwell. She told wonderful stories that showed history in the context of fiction, and I’ve tried to do the same. She also used a hundred words when a single sentence would have sufficed, and I’ve tried to do the opposite.

Q. What has been your greatest inner struggle to overcome with relation to your literary career?
My greatest inner struggle is a reluctance to commit to writing. I have a one-track mind -- I’m not a multi-tasker by any means! Writing a novel is an all-consuming task, one that takes months, even years to complete, and during that time, I really can’t get involved with other mentally demanding activities. Right now, my focus is the internet, and I will have to cut my time online to a bare minimum in order to free up my mind for writing, and I’m not yet ready to make that change.

Q. What words would you like to leave the world when you are gone?
I’ll be leaving the world my books, which are words enough, but besides that, this is how I’d like the world to see me: "Pat Bertram has a marvelous ability to write the longest parables in all of literature. She unglues the world as it is perceived and rebuilds it in a wiser and more beautiful way." -- Lazarus Barnhill, author of The Medicine People and Lacey Took a Holiday

Q. Where can folks learn more about your books and events?
I have a website -- Pat Bertram Homepage--where I post important information, including the first chapters of each of my books, but the best way to keep up with me, my books, and my events on a daily basis is by way of Bertram’s Blog.
All my books are available both in print and in ebook format. You can get them online at Second Wind Publishing, Amazon, and Smashwords. Smashwords is great -- the books are available in all ebook formats, including Kindle, and you can download the first 30% free.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

"The Indie Author Show"--November 13th, 2009 with Bobby Ozuna

Listen to the introductory show on Blog Talk Radio Network's NEW show designed to support the efforts of independent authors and publishers: "The Indie Author Show" with your host, author and book marketing consultant, Bobby Ozuna.

If you are interested in being a guest or have industry  news, a press-release, publishing event or book blurb you wish to share on the air, contact Bobby via email.

Friday, November 13, 2009

"Drawing the Story"--November 13th, 2009

Bill S the Doodle Blog
(image, property of Bill S. @ --the Doodle Blog)

The inner battle between creative, free-flowin' spirit and that of the ever critical editor will never end. This is part of being a writer, something we just have to deal with and accept. This is my poetic rendition of the struggle between the creative and critical aspects of our souls.

"First, understand there are many hats to be worn if you are to make it in this industry or at the very least, start and finish a book. It's up to you to discover when to take one hat off and when to replace it with another. The conflict between creative, free-flowing artist, the one inspired and led by the free spirit God bestowed upon your life, and that of the ever criticizing editor will never diminish. You have to learn to find a balance between the two, as they are forces who oppose one another and the product they birth, like an angel and devil upon your shoulders. Being consciously aware and studied on how to write is just as important as learning to be free when you write. These two aspects compliment one another and are critical in the success of a writer. They are critical in the success of your life, because once you become aware of the gifts borne within your soul, you will ever be attached to them and they will forever dictate and determine your life's path and journey. But, if not properly nurtured, one aspect may tip the scales over the other, and this my friends, may forever torment your creative soul. It's up to you to discover when to color within the lines and when to color outside them."

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Help us nurture the creative spirit in kids!

Catch the announcement article for the READ3Zero short-story contest "by kids, for kids" on Houston/Cy Falls' West Side Story (e)newspaper!

"The very mention of the word creative can spring images and thoughts of youthfulness and charisma, charm, wittiness and an imaginative freedom that knows no bounds. And who better to serve the soul of humanity with a vision of worlds that stretch far beyond the comprehension of corporate meetings, cubicles and the recessive plagues of civilization than children? They are the symbolic representations of hope and opportunity and starting next year, their literary and creative efforts will be spotlighted and featured in an anthology dedicated to them and them alone—the READ3Zero short-story anthology: “I Write: Short-Stories By Kids, For Kids!”'

click url below to

*This content is featured as part of Kids Korner, a feature column by LongTale Publishing CEO & author/creator of the Iggy the Iguana chapterbook series for kids, Melissa M. Williams.*

~Bobby Ozuna
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving Forward with "The Indie Author Show"

Great news, great news, and more great news...

The Indie Author Show with Bobby Ozuna of Ozuna Publications
I am going LIVE with my inagural episode of The Indie Author Show on Blog Talk Radio Network, this Friday the 13th (fitting huh?) of November at 9PM CST. This show will stream for about half an hour and essentially (as I have said already) share the vision and purpose for the show.

Let's talk news...

For starters I announced the upcoming show on the Internet at 5PM on Monday the 9th and before I went to bed that night (midnight for me people) I received 28 requests and confirmations from potential guests for this new show. By Noon on the 10th, I was booked for essentially, the entire next year of programs!!!  With only one show per week, I have received 42 guests requests, which will leave about 10 avaialble spots for the children I will spotlight next year. I will utilize The Indie Author Show to spotlight winners of the READ3Zero short-story contest--"I Write: Short-Stories By Kids, For Kids"--and interview them to learn insight into their creative minds and accomplishments. So, if there wasn't enough reasons to encourage a child to participate within the READ3Zero short-story contest, how about the possibility of being featured LIVE on the air!!!???

*Don't worry!!! With this much potential traffic, I am already working on a second show time during the week, doubling our listening capacity and guest spots!!! Remember, if you build it...he will come!*

What You Can Expect from the Show...

Because I am such an advocate for all things literary--that and I have performed or am presently performing these "steps" myself for other clients--I will use as much diversity as possible when booking clients, to ensure our listeners learn as much about the indie publishing world as possible. So, if you are a talented author, but aren't sure about the book review process, or perhaps you write children's stories but don't know what to look for or what to expect when looking for an illustrator, you will find those answers from the people who work the industry everyday. You will find the answers from other indie's who may be the very key to unlocking the next pathway in your literary journey.

Learning is about diversifying...

As of now, I have plans and confirmations from authors, publishers, radio hosts, Amazon Top Reviewers, award winning book cover designers, Presidents of publishing organizations, illustrators, children's authors (and children--yep, children authors), VBT hosts, marketing experts, publicists, foundation chairs, web designers and more!

I will feature such names and experts as John Kremer (1,001 Ways to Market Your Book), Sandy Lawrence (publicist/CEO of Perceptive Marketing & host to The Perceptive Marketing Hour Radio Broadcast), Edward Patterson (author & founder of Operation eBook drop), Melissa M. Williams (children's author/CEO of LongTale Publishing and co-founder to READ3Zero), Lesa Trapp (host to The Odd Mind Show), Tamara & Tom Dever (AWARD winning book cover designers/TLC Graphics),
Susan Wingate (multi-award winning author), Ryan Shaw (Children's Illustrator)...and many, many more...!!!

How you can contribute...

Send me your news! Send me your press-releases, updates, event news, award notifications, book blurbs (2~3 sentences about your book), industry news, hottest trends, etc., and MOST IMPORTANTLY, send me questions and challenge me to find the best information that WILL HELP YOU SUCCEEED AS AN INDIE AUTHOR & PUBLISHER! For that, after all, is why I am here...

Secondly, spread the news! Re-tweet this content, re-post the article, URL's, etc., on your blog, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Ning Sites, etc...spread the word, the more the merrier!

What's Next???

Great question! For starters, listen LIVE this Friday night @ 9PM CST. You can navigate to the show site by following the URL below. Secondly, if you want to stay current with industry news and stay connected with interviews, follow-up interviews, updates and more, SUBSCRIBE to this blog! Once I get rolling, it's oftentimes hard to keep up! Trust me!

Introductory show with author, book marketing consultant, advocate for literacy & host, Bobby Ozuna

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Introducing, The Indie Author Show

Ozuna Publications is pleased to announce Bobby Ozuna's return to radio!

After a short break from radio, I am pleased to announce my return, this time on Blog Talk Radio Network with a show designed to promote, publicize and support all aspects of the  independent publishing industry: The Indie Author Show!

If you were a fan and follower of The Bobby Ozuna Show on Artist First Radio Network, then you will love this new show! I will feature indie authors, publishers, marketing experts, book consultants, illustrators, publicists and more!

If you have news pertinent to the indie publishing world, an article, a press release, a virtual book tour, event date, etc., you can send that information to me and have it plugged LIVE on the air on my show! If you are interested in being a guest on this new show, contact me HERE.

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna
Online Marketing Manager, LongTale Publishing
Book Marketing Consultant
Co-Founder, READ3Zero
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

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