Wednesday, November 18, 2009

COMING SOON from Ozuna Publications: Babygirl's Book Reviews!

I am very excited and honored to say my daughter, Elizabeth, has joined the Ozuna Publications staff and she will feature her very own blog under Ozuna Publications where she will feature book reviews for chapterbooks, tween and young adult fiction novels. Babygirl's Book Reviews will go LIVE this weekend where she will begin populating her very first written reviews and she will also be a special co-host on various segments of The Indie Author Show with her father, to discuss and share her latest book reviews.

So, for you indie authors who publish and write children's chapterbooks, young adult fiction and tween books, you can now start sending queries via email (or comment posts to this article) to have my 14 year old daughter Elizabeth spotlight and review your book on her (upcoming) new website: Babygirl's Book Reviews and quite possibly have that review featured on The Indie Author Show!

Stay tuned for more details!


Marva said...

You'll probably get way too many, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to throw mine in the ring, too.

(available on Amazon, Smashwords, B&N in print and ebook formats)

QUEST FOR THE SIMURGH is a 37,000 word middle-grade adventure fantasy. Set in the pre-Islamic middle-east, it is based on Persian and Babylonian mythology.

When the village magician goes missing, his four young students search for him, but are caught up in a battle between the gods and the demons which might spell the end of the world.

Faiza, the magician's star pupil, thinks he has left a clue for her on a page of the Magicalis Bestialis. With the page open and marked with an X, she believes the students must seek the Simurgh, the mythical birds who possess all the knowledge of the universe. She leads the boys on a difficult journey into the mountains in search of the elusive birds. A strange little man becomes their guide. However, they do not know he is a spirit leading them toward a battle between good and evil. Spirits, gods, and demons confront the four friends, who are being set up by the otherworldly forces for a much larger task than finding their teacher: saving the world from Armageddon.

Bobby Ozuna said...


You should receive an email from me (Bobby) written from my daughter, Elizabeth. We used the address we found on your blog's profile page.

If by chance you don't use that gmail account any longer, please feel fee to contact me and Elizabeth here:

We are both very excited about this opportunity and we truly appreciate your support.

~Bobby Ozuna

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