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"Drawing the Story"--November 13th, 2009

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The inner battle between creative, free-flowin' spirit and that of the ever critical editor will never end. This is part of being a writer, something we just have to deal with and accept. This is my poetic rendition of the struggle between the creative and critical aspects of our souls.

"First, understand there are many hats to be worn if you are to make it in this industry or at the very least, start and finish a book. It's up to you to discover when to take one hat off and when to replace it with another. The conflict between creative, free-flowing artist, the one inspired and led by the free spirit God bestowed upon your life, and that of the ever criticizing editor will never diminish. You have to learn to find a balance between the two, as they are forces who oppose one another and the product they birth, like an angel and devil upon your shoulders. Being consciously aware and studied on how to write is just as important as learning to be free when you write. These two aspects compliment one another and are critical in the success of a writer. They are critical in the success of your life, because once you become aware of the gifts borne within your soul, you will ever be attached to them and they will forever dictate and determine your life's path and journey. But, if not properly nurtured, one aspect may tip the scales over the other, and this my friends, may forever torment your creative soul. It's up to you to discover when to color within the lines and when to color outside them."

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~Bobby Ozuna
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Kathlyn said...

“…once you become aware of the gifts borne within your soul, you will ever be attached to them and they will forever dictate and determine your life’s path and journey.”

I had to stop and read this one part over and over again before I could move on, and even still, I had to go back and read it again. The truth found here is the fact that this one sentence can sum up SO much of my life and make me happy and sad at the same time. A gift is meant to be given and when it is attached to your soul, it can be quite the scary thing to GIVE.

Learning to remove the roadblocks that I have myself placed at various points on my path during my journey makes my head hurt. It pulls all of my energy (and I have a ton of it!) and then wraps itself around my being and tells me to run and stay still at the same time.

The angel and devil sit on my shoulders, they talk to one another, they tease, they fight, they make up and they swap places. At times, I feel I am but an outsider looking in. I am in awe of the relationship they seem to have, and at the same time I am confused and in love.

Oddly enough, I read an article last night comparing creativity to mental illness. The information was quite interesting and I did find some similar features between the two. At times I can honestly say that what goes on inside of me in regards to creativity and my gifts can make me feel mentally ill. What it comes down to is finding that balance you speak of and nurturing all sides.

You always say that the teacher must sometimes become the student and this is so true. My personal struggle is fighting through the creativity to discipline myself in order to become the student…not that I am a teacher (yet). ;)

Ah, no, I think my personal struggle is fighting through the creativity in order to breathe.

Good God, and then I am always back to square one!

I am so appreciative for our friendship and the way you freely share your gifts. You are an inspiration, a teacher, a student, a friend and so much more to the world.

Lately I have come back to a place where all I CAN do is write and I have to force myself to stop writing. As always, with me, it is random and no rhyme or reason and that used to drive me frustrated – but I feel that right now I am ABLE to accept it and I know that; although I cannot, today, accomplish that balance which is so important, I know that I can live with the journey I am on and one day I will coast on my path and watch the scenery pass me by with my angel and devil in the backseat with ME as the driver.

(How’s that last sentence for a totally terrific run-on that I didn’t freak out over?!?) ;)

Bobby Ozuna said...


When we met and "talked book" there was no way you would have ever dared to share your emotions with the world so blindly, so freely. But look at you now. Be careful, because as you have grown to accept the struggle, and the late night torment that is customary to the ever aging soul of the author, you are also growing to a level far beyond where you were just yesterday. We all grow, and it doesn't feel like it but we do. Sometimes a word or voice or whisper will charge us, and free us of our insecurities just long enough to dare to share the powerful written word with the world, as you have so eloquently here. You would be surprised to know how much of a teacher you have become and how far you are from the student you were I met many months ago.

Carry on with your felt-tip sword and slay those dragons and orcs and literacy magic pieces that occupy your world...until the day you are ready to prepare a world for those of us who will become your followers...

Your friend,

~Bobby Ozuna

The Teacher said...

That internal editor can be the devil. That's why I write the rough draft without becoming a critic. It's full sail ahead. Then that work gets set aside for a few months and in some cases years. When I return, I put on my editor's cap and edit and revise. I also seek feedback from others. The problem there is that most of my friends don't have those types of skills. When that ugly internal critic raises his devil's head, I struggle to ignore that negative voice and keep moving forward. We are our own worst critic and if we listen to those voices, we will turn into the ugliest, untalented person on this earth. On the other hand, the narcissist in us can also trip us up by blinding us to flaws in our work. The narcissist whispers seductively that our work is great and it is flawless. Between the critic and the narcissist, there is a double-edged blade that may cut deep and send our work onto the rocks--broken and sunk. The creative process from start to finish is a balancing act where we are like a dancer in a mind field.

blindogg said...

I still consider myself a novice when it comes to the whole writing thing so I don't pretend to know the answers to questions like this, all I know is what I feel.
When I write I usually run blindly in the direction I've chosen. Once I reach the final destination I turn around and look at the path I made in the grass. Then I set about making it a path that others would enjoy walking.
Sometimes this means putting a curve in here and straightening a bend there. Some spots may need some flowers to brighten them up or a bench to provide a resting spot. There are times when it needs an incline to make it tough and others when it needs a downgrade to make it easy. It's all about landscaping.
Once that process is done, I walk the path from start to finish three or four more times looking for that weed in the grass or the trip wire that will blow the whole thing to hell.
One thing I've learned is that EVERY time I walk the path I find a way to improve it...the hard part for me is knowing when to stop.

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