Monday, November 30, 2009

Ozuna Publications Press-Release Service

One of the most important aspects of marketing and promoting a product--whether that product is a book, CD or the actual artist themselves--is creating and maintaining an online presence. If you wish to establish credibility and visibility online, you will need to learn how to write or publish press-releases on a continual basis.

Press Releases are ideal for promoting an event, such as a book premier or CD release party, a new book in a series, or event pertinent to what an author may be conducting within their career.

Ozuna Publications is offering a press-release service, for indie authors and independent musicians and bands, to help further promote their efforts to create success in their respective markets.

The fee for one press-release is $50 USD. Each customer can guarantee to receive, at a minimum 150 hits/view, per press-release. These press-releases will also be written to target specific audiences, such as the community/local newspaper where their event or business is established. A well written press-release can hit Google or Yahoo news and Bobby Ozuna has been able to write such press releases for his clients in the past. The greater online exposure, the greater possibility for follow-up articles, reviews and interviews.

To order your press release, contact Bobby Ozuna HERE.

To view a sample press-release, click HERE.

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