Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Moving Forward with "The Indie Author Show"

Great news, great news, and more great news...

The Indie Author Show with Bobby Ozuna of Ozuna Publications
I am going LIVE with my inagural episode of The Indie Author Show on Blog Talk Radio Network, this Friday the 13th (fitting huh?) of November at 9PM CST. This show will stream for about half an hour and essentially (as I have said already) share the vision and purpose for the show.

Let's talk news...

For starters I announced the upcoming show on the Internet at 5PM on Monday the 9th and before I went to bed that night (midnight for me people) I received 28 requests and confirmations from potential guests for this new show. By Noon on the 10th, I was booked for essentially, the entire next year of programs!!!  With only one show per week, I have received 42 guests requests, which will leave about 10 avaialble spots for the children I will spotlight next year. I will utilize The Indie Author Show to spotlight winners of the READ3Zero short-story contest--"I Write: Short-Stories By Kids, For Kids"--and interview them to learn insight into their creative minds and accomplishments. So, if there wasn't enough reasons to encourage a child to participate within the READ3Zero short-story contest, how about the possibility of being featured LIVE on the air!!!???

*Don't worry!!! With this much potential traffic, I am already working on a second show time during the week, doubling our listening capacity and guest spots!!! Remember, if you build it...he will come!*

What You Can Expect from the Show...

Because I am such an advocate for all things literary--that and I have performed or am presently performing these "steps" myself for other clients--I will use as much diversity as possible when booking clients, to ensure our listeners learn as much about the indie publishing world as possible. So, if you are a talented author, but aren't sure about the book review process, or perhaps you write children's stories but don't know what to look for or what to expect when looking for an illustrator, you will find those answers from the people who work the industry everyday. You will find the answers from other indie's who may be the very key to unlocking the next pathway in your literary journey.

Learning is about diversifying...

As of now, I have plans and confirmations from authors, publishers, radio hosts, Amazon Top Reviewers, award winning book cover designers, Presidents of publishing organizations, illustrators, children's authors (and children--yep, children authors), VBT hosts, marketing experts, publicists, foundation chairs, web designers and more!

I will feature such names and experts as John Kremer (1,001 Ways to Market Your Book), Sandy Lawrence (publicist/CEO of Perceptive Marketing & host to The Perceptive Marketing Hour Radio Broadcast), Edward Patterson (author & founder of Operation eBook drop), Melissa M. Williams (children's author/CEO of LongTale Publishing and co-founder to READ3Zero), Lesa Trapp (host to The Odd Mind Show), Tamara & Tom Dever (AWARD winning book cover designers/TLC Graphics),
Susan Wingate (multi-award winning author), Ryan Shaw (Children's Illustrator)...and many, many more...!!!

How you can contribute...

Send me your news! Send me your press-releases, updates, event news, award notifications, book blurbs (2~3 sentences about your book), industry news, hottest trends, etc., and MOST IMPORTANTLY, send me questions and challenge me to find the best information that WILL HELP YOU SUCCEEED AS AN INDIE AUTHOR & PUBLISHER! For that, after all, is why I am here...

Secondly, spread the news! Re-tweet this content, re-post the article, URL's, etc., on your blog, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Ning Sites, etc...spread the word, the more the merrier!

What's Next???

Great question! For starters, listen LIVE this Friday night @ 9PM CST. You can navigate to the show site by following the URL below. Secondly, if you want to stay current with industry news and stay connected with interviews, follow-up interviews, updates and more, SUBSCRIBE to this blog! Once I get rolling, it's oftentimes hard to keep up! Trust me!

Introductory show with author, book marketing consultant, advocate for literacy & host, Bobby Ozuna

...supporting the independent arts...

~Bobby Ozuna
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

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