Monday, December 7, 2009

Cook Children's Medical Center and You Can Make a Difference!

Calling ALL Santa's Little Helpers!!!

In the spirit of giving this holiday season I felt inclined to share a project my children and I will be working on, that you too can participate within to help make this holiday season a little brighter for children who won't be spending Christmas at home. I contacted Cook's Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth to find their "submission guidelines" for Christmas cards and gifts. If you are looking for some fun projects to work on with your kids that truly emphasizes the spirit of giving, join me in furnishing cards, gifts and clothes to the children of Cook's Children's Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

Guidelines for cards are posted below and the link to the guidelines for clothing or toys is posted at the bottom of this article.

Guidelines for Handmade Cards

Thank you so much for your interest in making cards or small gifts for the patients at Cook Children’s Medical Center.  Below are guidelines to assist your group in a successful project!

©       Generally, cards may not contain religious messages.  If this is an important part of your message, these cards will be forwarded to pastoral care to screen and distribute.
©       The best type messages are those that provide encouragement or recognition.  For example…

o   “We’re thinking about you today.”
o   “Have a happy day.”
o   “Happy Holidays”
o   “You are special”

Cards are generally distributed by placing them on the patients’ meal trays as a fun surprise.  This means there is no control over which child gets which card so messages like “get well soon” may not be appropriate for all families.  This sounds strange to many people since this is a hospital, but for a family that just received bad news, this might not be the best message!

©       Many of the patients here are on restricted diets, so candy and gum may not be included in the cards or pictures. If candy is included this will generally be removed from the card and shared with the volunteers who donate their time to work with the children.
©       Groups are amazingly creative in the gifts they make.  Cards, pictures, word puzzles, and table decorations are a few of the items that have been enjoyed by the patients.
©       We want to keep YOUR children safe, so please ask kids to refrain from including last names, phone numbers, addresses or other personal information.
©       If you have questions about this project, please contact the Child Life department at 682-885-4241

Cards can be dropped off at the Information Desk or mailed to Cook Children’s Medical Center, Child Life Department, 801 7th Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76104


Click here to view the guidelines on Cook Children's Medical Center Website

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