Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Midnight Disease

It’s the unbeaten path I walk, this long and lonely road

Where truths within my fiction, reveal confessions of my soul

No I don't create it, fantasize, hope or dream

Every word and every sentence, within my life, is what I've seen.

I know the shadows of the darkness, each of them by name

They call to me in whispers, it’s time to play their game

I've seen your hurts; I have felt your pains,

I know your secrets that you hide, the ones that bring you shame.

In the late hours of the night, I've witnessed mankind’s demise

The torturing, haunting hurt, the one he will disguise

Cold steel upon my forehead, I could end it all today

But who would finish the story; would they know just what to say?

Of two wells, I've drank the water

That of Good and that of Evil

I can identify with all of you

For all of you, are the same people.

You wish me well, you wish me love, and you wish me nothing but the best

But in secret you lay waiting, hoping again I fail this test

You told me not to jump, not to dare to chase the dream

And now remorse and regret you swallow, with every sad song that you sing.

At the oceans break I'll jump, I hear the calling of her deepest seas

I will test the waters, to show you things you've never seen

My words will Sink or swim, for failure is not my option

I will testify your truth, at the moon, you shall hear me holler.

It’s in the late hours of the night, that I witnessed mankind’s demise

The torturing haunting hurt that can never be disguised

Yet within the dawning of the day, his full potential will arise

It’s the scars of yesterday, that you must learn to cast aside.

For I am not what you believe, witnessed, wanted or seen

I am but the symbol of the life, my words are yet to dream

But you love me when I'm broken, you watch me rise and watch me fall

You cure me when I'm sick, but you do not want me fixed.

Like a sponge I absorb the pains, of my world upon my back

My words I think can help you, find yourself upon that track

I tell you this much, don't fret, for you do not stand alone

For I have been down this road before, its one I've come to call home.

At the crossroads of life, once upon a time, but not so long ago

I met the man who changed my life, He asked, a token for you soul?

I said yes without a thought, then learned to sing His song

I began to sway the world, with words that identified with all.

I spent many years in darkness, blinded by the rainbows of life

Though he fulfilled every single promise, inside, I knew something wasn't right

Though I pressed on ever onward, gaining all life had in store

Now years later here I stand, having lost so much more.

Now it takes one day at a time, to earn each piece of my heart back

I am no longer him from yesterday; I carry all I own upon my back

Still I wouldn't trade a moment, of the world that I have seen

I accept this calling of mine, forever bound to the midnight disease.

So, at the witch’s hour I write, transforming pains of yesterday

Give me time and I will show you, how to start a brand new day

My story is my testament, a new life of faith, which is my beacon

Of a light that can't be seen, I'm victorious and I am beaten.

I fight this fight, I walk this walk

It’s the piper I've paid, of him I talk

I rise, I fall, I bellow and I call

I do not fear tomorrow, I'm a writer, with my words I build my wall.

I build tomorrow with every sentence, every phrase and word you see

I love this life that I've been given, a life stricken with the midnight disease.

~Bobby Ozuna | April 21, 2010

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