Friday, August 20, 2010

Creative Writing Workshop for Kids--Fort Worth, Texas

Creative Writing Workshop
DFW Texas Area

Presented by Read3Zero

You will never read a book, write a story, or watch a movie the same after this workshop!

The Archetypes and Roles Characters 
play in Award Winning Stories

Children's Author, Melissa M. Williams
Author/Writing Coach, Bobby Ozuna

(This class will be available to adults and in additional cities in the future)
Saturday September 25th 10:00am-4:00pm
Grade Level: 5th-12th
Location: Holiday Inn Express (WESTERN CENTER) Meeting Room
6351 North Freeway
Fort Worth, TX 76131
(817) 234-9033 (Hotel Number)

Class Details:
Learn specific character development techniques used in your favorite books, movies, and stories! Students will learn basic Psychological Archetypes/Character Roles critical to the development of effective fictional characters and how to place them in an original storyline. Heroes, Mentors, Villains, Heralds, Threshold Guardians, all have a special role while helping move memorable stories from one act to the next.

Learn the fundamental Story Layout: the 3 Act Story Line and effective transitions between story acts, including character trials, story climax, and character change.

Learn how to discover an effective Theme for your story, including tactics to apply emotion, imagery, and utilization of the senses, while connecting to your audience. These skills can all be used in and out of the classroom.

***Lunch will be Provided***Price per Workshop: $50***


Email HERE for questions and details.

(This particular class is GREAT for Parents who would like to learn creative techniques for their own writing. Parents may attend this class with their child for a reduced rate of $40 each.) Please note if you will be attending on your child's registration form.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fort Worth Creative Writing Workshop for Kids & Adults!

Creative Writing Workshops for Kids (And Adults)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Its been proven [that] if you walk with your head down, you are more likely to "think" or focus on issues & problems. But if you walk with your head up, you will be less likely to do so. Try it. See what happens when you pace looking down, and then see how you feel when you walk with your head up.
"You never know what... opportunity is awaiting just have to keep your head up long enough to see it!"

~Bobby Ozuna  | 08.12.2010

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Need an Illustrator for your next book project?

Need an Illustrator for your next book project?
"Working with authors to help create the images that brings their work to life."

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