Monday, January 31, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--January 31st, 2011

"Dare to be different...dare to dream...dare to do the impossible...thereby making the way for the rest of us...possible to dare to dream."

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--January 28th, 2011

"Every man has a vice. A man without a vice, is a man who has no need of a god."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--January 26th, 2011

"Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel you are working so hard to find, is the very light you bear in your soul. Have the courage to show your light, to be your best, to represent your passions in the name of Love and Service to others and I guarantee you--you will find your way out of that dark place all on your own, by the light you naturally resonate."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"The Serving Soul"--January 10th, 2011

Bobby Ozuna--Writer. Motivational Speaker. Teacher.

"The epitome of sample is a living example."

Dare to lead the way for others to follow...Dare to take the unbeaten path...Dare to discover what lies beyond comprehension, for the sake of the world's higher learning.

~Bobby Ozuna

Writer. Motivational Speaker. Teacher

Monday, January 10, 2011

Melissa M. Williams of LongTale Publishing Shares Insight Into The Entire Publishing Process

My co-founder for my non-profit literacy foundation, READ3Zero, and client, Melissa M. Williams is launching a great new blog series which will offer insight, inspiration, and clarity to the writing, editing, publishing and distributing process for creating a children's chapter-book series. With the upcoming release of her third chapter-book for kids and first in a new spin-off series called, Turtle Town Books, Melissa will share the process, both from a publisher and author's perspective, with all her readers.

"With a new teaching adventure and audience, I will be starting a weekly blog series called, The Making of a New Children's Series.  In this weekly writing, I will reveal some of the important lessons I have learned after starting my first series, Iggy the Iguana, and later working in the literary world as the President and owner of Read3Zero and LongTale Publishing."

Click this link to read the article, The Making of a New Children's Series, Part I.

...serving the soul of humanity...and all your writing, publishing and marketing needs...

~Bobby Ozuna
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

"Drawing the Story"--January 9th, 2011

Melissa M. Williams and the Turtle Town Books Series

The initial revisions of my client's new children's chapter-book series Turtle Town, have officially begun. I submitted the newly revised and highly dramatic Prelude to Melissa M. Williams' new story, the first in a spin-off series from Iggy the Iguana. And, I have to add--it is great!
Melissa M. Williams and the Turtle Town Books Series

The storyline is good and it is complete. My responsibility is to add depth and drama to the storyline, characters and overall plot. There are many elements to consider when "fattening" a story--such as history to a character, psychological function of that character in relation to their surroundings and drawing a picture that quickly identifies with an audience, but prepares the reader to embark on an adventure they may not fully understand.

I have attached a copy of a draft page from the Prelude to Turtle Town, showing the vast array of considerations and corrections necessary to accomplish this feat. It is not easy, not when you consider you--as the editor and book coach--cannot get into the author's mind to fully comprehend their vision for the story, and even more complicated when you consider the vast array of elements that can and should be added to build a thoroughly complicated, insightful and highly complex dramatic storyline.

I am on a tight time-line to complete this task by February 6th of this year, as this first book in a new series will release May of 2011. I am excited to be a part of another book project from Melissa Williams and her staff at LongTale Publishing and even more excited because I am now playing a greater, more pivotal role in the development of this book project.

Stay tuned for more details!

~Bobby Ozuna
Author. Motivational Speaker. Teacher

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Volunteers Wanted for READ3Zero Walk/Fun Run for Literacy!

I would like to share my vision for a new project/fundraiser for my non-profit, READ3Zero and I'm looking for volunteers or experts in the Tarrant County (TX) area to help teach, direct, lead, help, facilitate or coach me and my organization through hosting a fun-run/walk to help raise money for our organization's literacy and math projects.

The READ3Zero Non-Profit Literacy Foundation for Kids:


I would like to host a 5K fun-run and a 1K walk to help raise money for my non-profit, READ3Zero ( I would like to add our own twist to the 1K walk, by asking everyone who participates in the 1K (kids/adults) to bring with them their favorite book, showing the outward stance and their love and passion for reading.

The proceeds would fund our projects such as:
  • Creative Writing Workshops for Kids
  • Illustration Camps for Kids
  • the annual I-Write short-story anthology, which publishes children stories, poems, illustrations and cover-art
  • the i-Tutor Math workshops which help teach parents AND kids how to master math skills at home
  • book donations to local Tarrant County Schools

I would like to host the event in the Tarrant County area.

I don't know where to start, other than create the vision as I have....I am asking each of you who are interested (including your family and children) in participating in our non-profit as official volunteers to summon the call and help us get this project started.

I would like this fun-run/walk to commence within the next 12 months.

  • If you have questions about READ3Zero you can visit our homepage:
  • If you would like to sponsor our projects as an individual or your organization can contribute to our non-profit by contacting me HERE.

I truly appreciate the support.

Thank you for helping us "conquer illiteracy together...30 minutes at a time!"

~Bobby Ozuna
Vice-President / Co-Founder, READ3Zero Literacy Foundation for Kids
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

"The Serving Soul"--Jan 5, 2011

Bobby Ozuna--Author. Motivational Speaker. Teacher.

"Sometimes the mistakes we make in life and the struggles we undergo are purposed, designed specifically to mold our character and make us the people we are supposed to be later in life, to become the personification of Hope, Encouragement and Inspiration for the world."


...serving the soul of humanity...
~Bobby Ozuna
Writer. Motivational Speaker. Teacher

Drawing the Story: TURTLE TOWN

I started my new project for my client, Melissa M. Williams and her new spin-off series to Iggy the Iguana--the Turtle Town Series!

One of my duties in the publishing world is to work as what I call, a book coach. As a book coach I am responsible for more than mere editing. There are variances of classification to editing a book, which range from line-editing, type-setting, editing for grammar and punctuation to the most crucial part of work, I believe: editing the story content. My job as a book coach for LongTale Publishing is to not only edit for typical mistakes, but add depth to the storyline, from plot, character development to theme. As a student to such writers as mythologist Joseph Campbell, psychologist Carl Jung and story consultant, Christopher Vogler, I incorporate my studies of the human condition into novels to help add the necessary archetypes and drama necessary to identify with an audience.

I shared my new additions to her story today and she loved them! I helped re-write the Prelude to the story, adding the necessary components to build the theme for the story. The story backdrop is surfing but the theme is related more to finding and staying true to yourself, your true self. Or, as we say in Turtle Town--your inner puka! By adding the theme we are able to make the event--surfing--a backdrop to the story, as opposed to making the story just "another story about surfing." 

I am on a six weeks schedule to completely edit, polish and build a 15 chapter book by February 6th of this year. I am excited about the changes and I can't wait for this book to complete!

If you would like a consultation for book coaching services, contact Bobby Ozuna

...serving the soul of humanity...
~Bobby Ozuna
Vice-President, READ3Zero Literacy Foundation for Kids
Writer. Motivational Speaker. Teacher

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Your Children Won't Learn, Until You Change Your Attitude

Apathy can be defined as 1.) the absence or suppression of passion, emotion or excitement and 2.) the lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting. I define apathy as the cultural disease that prohibits a society, community, family or household from progressive growth. It is an involuntary philosophical approach that counters any forward and upward development and it is usually manifested in the behaviors of what we call our "culture" and our "traditions." Apathy is a primary root cause of lack and the reason why our children have little or nothing to look forward to, because to them: "Nobody cares!"

It is not good enough for us as parents to say we 'care' about our child(s)/children's well-being and education, but yet do little or anything to create the appropriate influence to bring about  the necessary change to lay forth an appropriate path for them to follow.

If you want your child to perform better at school, the burden of responsibility does not fall on the educational system. To use the stance, "Our schools are failing our children" or "The system is failing them" and do nothing about it, is to operate in an apathetic mode. This is a misconception and a perception that is presently haunting so many parents today and an approach that will only hinder our children in the future. If you want your child to perform better in school, if you want them to get the "best education possible" then you are going to have to take it upon yourself to teach them yourself--period.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
Anais Nin

There are entirely too many resources at our disposal in today's age to not have a means, method or tools for helping our children learn. The Internet is full of resources, websites, study-guides, teaching tools, videos, etc., etc., etc., that if implemented in your household, can greatly influence your child's ability to learn, willingness to want to learn and capacity for learning. The key ingredient is YOU.

Do I believe the education system today is designed to truly teach our children? No. Do I believe the educational system is responsible? Yes and No. I believe they are responsible because that, at the end of the day, is what they are here for. But, I never presume to assume or believe my children will ever learn more in a classroom than they will at home with me. It is my responsibility, as it is our duty as parents, to learn the material they are studying, for the sake of being able to offer the support they need to properly learn.

Learning requires two ingredients: Attitude & Attempt. When I tutor I use an approach I call "The Flat Square." FLAT stands for Focus, Listen, Attempt and Teach. The "Square" represents how it is done...again...and again...and again. Routine creates habit and habit determines excellence. In my last article, "Building an Environment of Learning In Your Home" I offered tips for changing the attitude and culture of your household. Attitude is contagious and as we said in the Marine Corps, attitude reflects leadership. If you don't care, or we don't care enough as parents, how could we ever expect our children to care? It is up to you to set the tone, lead by example and make learning a priority in your household.

...serving the soul of humanity...
Bobby Ozuna
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

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