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"Drawing the Story"--January 9th, 2011

Melissa M. Williams and the Turtle Town Books Series

The initial revisions of my client's new children's chapter-book series Turtle Town, have officially begun. I submitted the newly revised and highly dramatic Prelude to Melissa M. Williams' new story, the first in a spin-off series from Iggy the Iguana. And, I have to add--it is great!
Melissa M. Williams and the Turtle Town Books Series

The storyline is good and it is complete. My responsibility is to add depth and drama to the storyline, characters and overall plot. There are many elements to consider when "fattening" a story--such as history to a character, psychological function of that character in relation to their surroundings and drawing a picture that quickly identifies with an audience, but prepares the reader to embark on an adventure they may not fully understand.

I have attached a copy of a draft page from the Prelude to Turtle Town, showing the vast array of considerations and corrections necessary to accomplish this feat. It is not easy, not when you consider you--as the editor and book coach--cannot get into the author's mind to fully comprehend their vision for the story, and even more complicated when you consider the vast array of elements that can and should be added to build a thoroughly complicated, insightful and highly complex dramatic storyline.

I am on a tight time-line to complete this task by February 6th of this year, as this first book in a new series will release May of 2011. I am excited to be a part of another book project from Melissa Williams and her staff at LongTale Publishing and even more excited because I am now playing a greater, more pivotal role in the development of this book project.

Stay tuned for more details!

~Bobby Ozuna
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