Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drawing the Story: TURTLE TOWN

I started my new project for my client, Melissa M. Williams and her new spin-off series to Iggy the Iguana--the Turtle Town Series!

One of my duties in the publishing world is to work as what I call, a book coach. As a book coach I am responsible for more than mere editing. There are variances of classification to editing a book, which range from line-editing, type-setting, editing for grammar and punctuation to the most crucial part of work, I believe: editing the story content. My job as a book coach for LongTale Publishing is to not only edit for typical mistakes, but add depth to the storyline, from plot, character development to theme. As a student to such writers as mythologist Joseph Campbell, psychologist Carl Jung and story consultant, Christopher Vogler, I incorporate my studies of the human condition into novels to help add the necessary archetypes and drama necessary to identify with an audience.

I shared my new additions to her story today and she loved them! I helped re-write the Prelude to the story, adding the necessary components to build the theme for the story. The story backdrop is surfing but the theme is related more to finding and staying true to yourself, your true self. Or, as we say in Turtle Town--your inner puka! By adding the theme we are able to make the event--surfing--a backdrop to the story, as opposed to making the story just "another story about surfing." 

I am on a six weeks schedule to completely edit, polish and build a 15 chapter book by February 6th of this year. I am excited about the changes and I can't wait for this book to complete!

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