Monday, January 10, 2011

Melissa M. Williams of LongTale Publishing Shares Insight Into The Entire Publishing Process

My co-founder for my non-profit literacy foundation, READ3Zero, and client, Melissa M. Williams is launching a great new blog series which will offer insight, inspiration, and clarity to the writing, editing, publishing and distributing process for creating a children's chapter-book series. With the upcoming release of her third chapter-book for kids and first in a new spin-off series called, Turtle Town Books, Melissa will share the process, both from a publisher and author's perspective, with all her readers.

"With a new teaching adventure and audience, I will be starting a weekly blog series called, The Making of a New Children's Series.  In this weekly writing, I will reveal some of the important lessons I have learned after starting my first series, Iggy the Iguana, and later working in the literary world as the President and owner of Read3Zero and LongTale Publishing."

Click this link to read the article, The Making of a New Children's Series, Part I.

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