Thursday, January 6, 2011

Volunteers Wanted for READ3Zero Walk/Fun Run for Literacy!

I would like to share my vision for a new project/fundraiser for my non-profit, READ3Zero and I'm looking for volunteers or experts in the Tarrant County (TX) area to help teach, direct, lead, help, facilitate or coach me and my organization through hosting a fun-run/walk to help raise money for our organization's literacy and math projects.

The READ3Zero Non-Profit Literacy Foundation for Kids:


I would like to host a 5K fun-run and a 1K walk to help raise money for my non-profit, READ3Zero ( I would like to add our own twist to the 1K walk, by asking everyone who participates in the 1K (kids/adults) to bring with them their favorite book, showing the outward stance and their love and passion for reading.

The proceeds would fund our projects such as:
  • Creative Writing Workshops for Kids
  • Illustration Camps for Kids
  • the annual I-Write short-story anthology, which publishes children stories, poems, illustrations and cover-art
  • the i-Tutor Math workshops which help teach parents AND kids how to master math skills at home
  • book donations to local Tarrant County Schools

I would like to host the event in the Tarrant County area.

I don't know where to start, other than create the vision as I have....I am asking each of you who are interested (including your family and children) in participating in our non-profit as official volunteers to summon the call and help us get this project started.

I would like this fun-run/walk to commence within the next 12 months.

  • If you have questions about READ3Zero you can visit our homepage:
  • If you would like to sponsor our projects as an individual or your organization can contribute to our non-profit by contacting me HERE.

I truly appreciate the support.

Thank you for helping us "conquer illiteracy together...30 minutes at a time!"

~Bobby Ozuna
Vice-President / Co-Founder, READ3Zero Literacy Foundation for Kids
Literacy. Creativity. Learning.

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