Monday, March 14, 2011

"I-Tutor Math"--FRACTIONS

"I Tutor Math"--FRACTIONS

I-Tutor Math FRACTIONS Free Worksheets for Parents and Kids from Ozuna Publications

Dear Parents:

These "practice" worksheets are designed to help strengthen your child's fundamental skills in mathematics. Like sports, we practice a motion, movement, pattern, etc., continuously throughout the week to strengthen our ability to perfect that skills on game day, or for the big 'test.' Math or any classwork should be no different.

There are 3 complimentary worksheets below and a quiz. The concept is simple: You print one sheet per day, three days a week and check their work with them. Then, on Thursday, you give them the quiz but instead of having them do the quiz alone, you have them TEACH YOU each problem. This concept I call The FLAT Square validates mastery in a particular math element.
The continual practice of a particular element is what strengthens their skills and helps commit mathematical concepts to long-term memory.

~Bobby Ozuna

(Instructional Video Coming Soon)

Addition of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet #1

Addition of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#2

Addition of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#3

Addition of Fractions, Same Denominator--Quiz

(Instructional Video, Coming Soon!)

Subtraction of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#1

Subtraction of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#2

Subtraction of Fractions, Same Denominator--Sheet#3

Subtraction of Fractions, Same Denominator--Quiz

(Instructional Video, Coming Soon!)

Dividing Fractions, Sheet#1

Dividing Fractions, Sheet#2

Dividing Fractions, Sheet#3

Dividing Fractions, Quiz#1

(Instructional Video, Coming Soon!)

Multiplying Fractions, Sheet#1

Multiplying Fractions, Sheet#2

Multiplying Fractions, Sheet#3

Multiplying Fractions, Quiz#1

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