Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Cycle of Patterns: Introduction

[This is the first part in a series of articles which are draft forms of the new non-fiction booklets I am writing to help bless, edify, encourage and mentor the soul of humanity]

The first critical step in implementing change in your life is confession. Self-awareness is the key to growth and development. You can't change unless you first realize a change is required. To believe you need to change is one thing, to confess is another altogether.

I've heard it countless times before. How do I know I need to make changes in my life?

The response: Simply thinking about the notion of implementing change in your life is the first indicator. Your soul is the spiritual representation of your true nature--your true self. When your spirit is at conflict with your physical and outward actions--the life choices you are making--there is conflict. That inner turmoil, that 'tug-of-war' you feel within your mind, when you're happy one minute and unhappy the next, is the clash between your mind--your Ego--and your Soul--your true identity.

You can't buy happiness. It can't be purchased in a book, it can't be found in a store, in another person (male or female companion), you can't find it in your own children or grandchildren, it can only be discovered. To discover happiness is to land on its shores. It's a journey, a trip, a symbolic road trip away from the mundane routines you are already implementing in your life, which must be altered, like a course down the wrong path to the right location.

The Cycle of Patterns, as I call it, clearly defines the steps to implement change. You have to first be aware that a change is required. That is where confession comes in. Secondly, after making the outward verbal confession you must then replicate that action by verbalizing the belief that you are (or are not) what you are at the present moment.

Do not be afraid to come to terms with your short-comings, hindrances or mere necessity of change. Change is great. Change is a wonderful breath of fresh air on a muggy, humid day. Welcome it. Look for it in expectance by creating it with the power of the spoken (and written as you will see) word.

Spend some time along and identify first, the desire and necessity to change. Verbalize it. Say it out loud. Tell a friend, tell a loved one, a stranger, a pet or simply look yourself in the mirror and say, "It's time for a change." This is the first step towards discovering true happiness and changing the present life course of your life.

(to be continued...)

...serving the soul of humanity...

~Bobby Ozuna

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Laura said...

What a great start!

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