Friday, June 24, 2011

Why impose an educational system, that has limits on its ability to 'educate'?

With the dramatic decrease in employees & staff in our school systems...I wonder, should we, as parents and community members...cease to send our children to school? If we are 'failing' with full staff, what will we become with a severely limited availability of resources? What's the point?

If the system is already designed to "tell" not insight "free thought"...then why can't we just tell them what to do already? Why can't they read and study books on their own, without fear of being judged by "minimal test scores"? Why not encourage them to think freely and prepare them, as a parent, as a community, for a college system that doesn't "tell them what to know" but rather, encourages them to "think for themselves?"

Apart from "having to go to school" because its "the way we do things in America"--why do we really have to (or why would we want to) send them to school?

~Bobby Ozuna

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