Friday, October 7, 2011

New Column Focuses on the Efforts and Necessity of the Father in the Lives of Their Children

Bobby Ozuna on The!

Recent changes in my life have prompted me to return to my original love, the true passion of my life--and the one true gift bestowed upon me by the Lord--writing.

Recently, my life has changed and a wonderful circumstance has come before me. My sons, Dominic and Damian, are now living with me full-time! I believe there is no greater treasure and reward for a father! Now, whether this venture is short-term or long-term matters little to me; what matters most is this: that I make the most of the time I am given with them. And in the true spirit of serving, I am going to begin sharing my experiences as a new-found "single daddy" and what better way than with a regular column on The Examiner!

Today, my first of many articles has released on The Please, subscribe, re-post, re-tweet, share and spread the word, and most importantly, read the content!

My first article, "Today's Single Dad Needs to Remember Mom's Greatest Lesson in Parenting" is now available from The Examiner!

I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for the support.

...the Serving Father...

~Bobby Ozuna

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