Monday, November 7, 2011

A Father's Right and Duty

"Fathers: Dare to love your children today. Dare to defend their right to be free-loving spirits. Dare to defend their right to the best education possible, at any cost necessary, to inspire them to learn. Dare to defend your sons' rights to be weak, as they aren't animals, but rather, reflections of both you, as their father, and their mother. Dare to show them by example, when to be strong. Dare to defend the virtue of your daughters and nurture the importance of defending and protecting their virginity, and lastly, dare to show them how to be a man and what a man should be. Don't fear to fail them, because that is the bain of our existence, the spear that penetrates our hearts, which was born first in the men who have failed us previously, stretching forth to the very fall of Adam, but instead dear Fathers,  fear more, who or what will teach them what you aren't willing to show them in your walk, by living example."

Bobby Ozuna | November 2011

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