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Starfall's is a GREAT website for your early elementary school child.

Reggie the Rhyming Rhino Loves to Rhyme (Scholastic). Help your child master rhyming words.

Welcome to Dr. Seussville!



FREE Word Search / Word Find Builders
Use these tools to build weekly word searches using your child's weekly vocabulary lists!

A to Z Teacher Stuff!

Superkids Word Search Creator (FREE)
Word Scrambler Generator (FREE)

Use this website to create a word scramble. The best advice is to use your child's weekly sight words lists (spelling words) and have them unscramble each of the words. This will help them remember how to properly spell each word, as well as, remind them of the incorrect spelling.

Teach-Nology Words Scrambler (FREE)
Another great tool for creating free word scramblers.

Win Every Game-Word Builder
Use this tool to determine the TOTAL amount of words that can be created from one word. This is a SUPER way to help your child build and sustain their vocabulary.

Super Kids-Word Scrambler! (FREE)

Use this website to scramble a list of words, perhaps your child's sight words, and have them correct the spelling!


General Chemistry Online:
This website lists Quizzes, Tutorials, Articles and more.

Chemical Compound Database
Use this website to help your child learn important school chemical compounds. Try using index cards to help them study, reference and learn. Remember, you do NOT have to know chemistry to help your child. This is mere vocabulary. Try and approach this element as nothing more than new vocabulary words.


This website offers help with learning elements and compounds.



Math Is Fun
This website offers an illustrated mathematics dictionary.

Math Words
This is a COMPLETE list of mathematical terms and definitions.

Learn Your Tables
This website allows your child to "test" their knowledge of the multiplications times tables

123A Plus Math
Online resource to help your child master math.

This website is LOADED with FREE Math Practice Worksheets!!!
Use this website to create FREE Mean, Median, Mode & Range worksheets!

Social Studies/Geography/History:
Apples 4 The TeacherThis website offers a FREE online gaming utility to help you locate and determine the location of the 50 States. Its easy. Its fun.

ALL Subjects
School Family-Academics and Studying Resources
Use this website for an unlimited amount of worksheets, study guides, articles, etc., to help you, help your child at home!

Fun Brain!
This website offers many great interactive tools for learning.

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Need an Illustrator for your next book project?

Need an Illustrator for your next book project?
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I Tutor Math!