"I just wanted to let you know (again) how much we appreciate having you tutor my daughter in math. Not only is it apparent by the way she interacts with you, but it is also reflected in her grades; you are certainly dedicated to helping your students learn."
~Kathlyn, Fort Worth, Texas

"BIG Thank you to Bobby Ozuna, on a great workshop today!! For the very first time my son was confident and excited about doing Math. Joel and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work.We will be seeing you soon. I even grasped the concepts for the first time in my life. Who'd a thought that skinny punk kid...would grow up to be such an intellectual mentor. Thanks."
~Patty, Saginaw, Texas

"I witnessed something amazing today...a little boy who is not a fan of school, doing homework and much less learning anything other than baseball...sit down and listen, learn and teach. You did a great job, you captured the attention of an easily distracted 5th grader and he learned! What you do not know is you also captured the attention of a, let's just say, much older 5th grader, sitting at the back of the room who was suppose to be observing and caught herself learning too and I was very happy that I too got all the answers right! GREAT JOB!"

~Leticia, Fort Worth, Texas

GRACIAS Mr. Bobby Ozuna! My 4th grader mentioned to me 10 minutes ago she's having a problem with long division, just before walking out of the door for school! Being a busy mom I briefly read over the info you sent me in hopes that I'd be able to read it a bit slower at a later date. I appreciate how you stated we should be calm when we explain...Thanks for the reminder! I loved your concept of If you can add, you can multiply. We quickly grabbed a piece of paper and I gave her some examples and showed her how easy it was...Most importantly I reminded her If you can Add you can Multiply, Divide! Thank you once again, for helping me send a 4th grader to school with a little more confidence than she had before.

~Juanita, Fort Worth, Texas

Bobby, this is a very proud Mother posting this. Samantha made a 100% on her math quiz yesterday. As you know this year has been a challenge. Thank you for not only the math tutoring and your time, but for giving her the inspiration to take on the challenge. Math is not easy for many let alone AP math. I must admit you are good at what u do. You're a freaking math genius. Thank you.

~Maria, Arlington, Texas

Hi Bobby! After my son Chris' first tutoring session with you Saturday he is actually not afraid of Math. He was telling his sister all about his session and how cool, nice and easy it was for him to "get it" with how you taught him. He said he learned so much....in just ONE session! He went on and on about his time with you! You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you for allowing God to use you & the gift He gave you by putting it to such good use.
~Laura, Fort Worth, Texas

Just wanted to let you know I asked my daughter a little more about last week's session.  She said the way you explained it to her was a lot easier than her teacher's explanation.  They worked on Slope the next day and she said it was way easier because of what you showed her, especially putting things in the way of looking at it as a neighborhood.  That was very good to hear.  Thanks for what you do!

~Ramona, Fort Worth, Texas

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I Tutor Math!

I Tutor Math!